• Simplified messaging that allows prospects to “get” what your business is all about in less than one minute.
  • Fun, creative ways to help sell your products and services and they test well! (users report up to 300% engagement with their prospects)!
  • May be linked to your website and hosted on Youtube (a great way to build organic Google traffic) and Vimeo (great for training cartoons).

Videos, and particularly animated videos are becoming more popular as a vehicle of engagement with prospects on smartphones and tablets.

The simplicity of the message and uniqueness of the medium will help differentiate your business from competitors.

We will custom-create animated video’s for your business and provide them in 1080p resolution,  mp4 format for use on your blog, website or Youtube post. 

Video’s are produced and priced per creation or may be bundled as part of a monthly flat rate fee (4 per month).

* We can also create real-time video’s for an additional fee to be used on website, Vimeo or Youtube.

To schedule a free marketing consultation, please call 816-223-2105 or use the form below. Learn about our “free offer” for first-time clients.

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