On Demand Advertising Solutions Video Podcast #78, Recent Changes In SEO That Can Make Your Business Better

When it comes to marketing your small business to consumers, promoting business to business to get clients or using social media marketing to advance engagement; understanding how search engine optimization works and how you can custom-form your site and content to take advantage of it to your businesses benefit.

This can help in establishing higher relevant listings and rankings which will impact your online brand and reputation with your prospects.

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Today’s Digital Marketing Update

In today’s Digital Marketing Update, Video Podcast #78, host John D. Verlin discusses Recent Changes In SEO That Can Make Your Business Better.

John’s comments are from a Manta post by entrepreneur, Joshua Althauser.

As social media platforms change their algorithm’s and ranking of relevant content, every small business owner needs to get on board with factors they can control, namely their content.

On Demand Advertising Solutions Three-Part Strategy

It’s all a part of our services and  three-part strategy to drive SEO and web traffic so your business exceeds the profile and exposure of the competition!

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The Extended Marketing Platform

We do this through an extended marketing platform–the perfect compliment to current advertising campaigns.

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Enjoy The Video Podcast
(To read closed-caption transcription, please click on the “gear” icon, then turn on “CC” in the above Youtube player)
Key Podcast Take Aways
  • Utilize the power of original content to build the base of your marketing platform.
  • Target content that engages and activates the prospects imagination and drive to learn more.
  • Promote your expertise vs. your competition.
  • Invite clients, customers and other experts to “guest” interview or post on your blog.
  • Pay attention to the overall “image” or aesthetics of your posts and website. This is part of the brand image.
  • Check out new content tools like IdeaFlip which helps in brainstorming new ideas and maintain a consistent “voice” to build your brand.
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On Demand Advertising Solutions Blog: 4 Ways A Brand Ambassador Can Help Your Business, Podcast #37

You’re the CEO or President of your company. You know you need to be active in the business or trade community you belong to to build your business to business brand.

on-demand-advertising-solutions-newsletter-card-image1You can’t motivate or expect your sales force to attend on a regular basis.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Your recently hired Brand Ambassador.

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Today’s podcast discusses 4 Ways A Brand Ambassador Can Help Your Business.

More than a sales person–a lifeline to your prospects beginning the customer experience.

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It’s all a part of our three-part strategy to drive SEO and web traffic and make your business exceed the profile and exposure of your competitors with an extended marketing platform–the perfect compliment to a Google Adwords campaign!

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Now, enjoy the video podcast!

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Marketing Your Business; 4 Ways A Brand Ambassador Can Help Your Business, Podcast #37!

Host: John D. Verlin


Good afternoon. John Verlin once again with On Demand Advertising Solutions and another Digital Marketing Update. This is our 37th podcast.

Today I want to talk about something that we just recently introduced into our marketing—and it’s the idea of a brand ambassador.

If you’re talking about a sales person—a brand ambassador as I see it is more than just a salesperson. They are the person that can fill in the blanks that the sales person can or won’t do.

So four ways a brand ambassador can help your business if you have not even thought about it. Obviously you’d probably want a seasoned sales person. Or somebody that has experience talking to people.

Enjoys going to things, events—trade shows, chamber coffees and luncheons. They have to enjoy this and they’re good with people. Because you can’t force people to like people!

In my experience, there are businesses—and they could be small businesses, they could be fairly large.

They can’t get the salespeople to go to things, to be honest.

How many salespeople want to get up at six in the morning to go to a 7:30am chamber breakfast? And they’re on commission.

Or go after hours to an event? Yeah, they may offer food and drinks and stuff—but it’s at 6 o’clock and they want to get home.

These are some dilemma’s I’ve seen over the years that might cause your business to maybe want to consider a brand ambassador.

But having a marketer on top of that can really enhance things. So, what four ways can a brand ambassador help your business?

First of all—they’re a visible prescense at business events.

For your company, your industry. Chamber events. Fund-raisers. Whatever that is—typically CEO’s and presidents should be going to these things.

Because the other people who are in attendance at these things are going to be management and above.

And you would want to hob-knob with them you think to build relationships.

But unfortunately, a lot of them don’t have time or take the time or can’t take the time to go to these things.

So, a brand ambassador can fill in—fill the shoes so to speak. To do the things that people can’t do or won’t do or don’t want to do.

So they have a physical presence at important events on a regular basis.

OK, fifty-two weeks a year, the chamber breakfast, they attend. Or an after hours. Or multiple chamber events. Think about that.

The brand ambassador now is filling in your shoes.

Constantly to get to the events you’d like to but don’t have time.

Suddenly, somebody is there with a presence, with a logo on a shirt perhaps. Possibly handing out items, brochures, whatever.

And that is a physical connection with guess what, your prospects. And who are the prospects? The people you’re having the brand ambassador go visit, or meet with or engage with on a regular basis.

Now doesn’t that make sense?

Otherwise, that group of people, whatever it is…a chamber, a trade or industry event or group, you need to be in front of them all of the time.

Besides taking out an ad in a program. This is an engagement that starts the customer relationship, number one.

And number two—and this is above and beyond the relationship.

They will engage these prospects. Hob-knobing, whatever you want to call it and they do it on a regular basis. And they become friends.

In my experience, this can be really powerful.

Just had an example the other day with the mayor of the town I live in. I started chatting him up about some things. He recommended somebody I should talk to.

How did I do that? Well, I have known him for several years. Why? Because I belong to the chamber.

I would go to the chamber events and I saw him all of the time. Connected with him on Facebook. Suddenly, now we have a prospect or a connection to other businesses.

So it’s engaging the prospects that a brand ambassador can help your business start a warm market so to speak with people. On a regular basis.

The third thing—and I mentioned this earlier—handing out a brochure or a business card. Or any kind of fun, promotional items when they go to these events.

Maybe you have ten thousand key chains made and they’re just sitting in a box.

Well, they give them out. As a matter of fact, they can work with the chamber or whatever group they’re going to.

Say, hey—I’ve got some stuff, some mugs—could we put things in the things that we give away for a drawing?

So they can use promotional items. brochures, to further tell your story at these special events, on a regular basis.

I keep throwing that in because this is so important, for businesses to have a presence on a regular basis.

Not just for the brand ambassador—but this ties in to all the media that you’re doing.

Your social media, your digital ads—your tv, radio, print, email marketing. Everything ties together. And this is one more element a lot of businesses may not have thought about or just don’t have the luxury of having.

And this is why considering hiring a brand ambassador maybe a good idea.

And finally, the fouth reason—the fourth way it can help your business, they can take pictures, videos, audio recordings.

Whatever that is, and then bring it back and post it on your social media. Your website. Send it out on an email blast to customers, prospects—on your Facebook page.

That says, today you were at this business luncheon, for the chamber—thrilled with guest speaker so and so. With a picture of the guest speaker at the luncheon.

They’re highlighted and the chambers’ highlighted from your company that the brand ambassador did on your behalf.

And now they, meaning the chamber and the people that you mentioned in that post that were at the event, begin to see that, because you highlighted them in your Facebook post.

They see it and they forward it to people they know and they like it.

And now other people through the chamber and everywhere else knows that your business was at that event.

You’re using the social media to further that image and impression. Four reasons why a brand ambassador can help.

And you know what? It’s fun. It’s fun to engage prospects.

A lot of people go to these things occasionally, but if you have a client party—or a customer party,and they are at it—and known by a number of prospects and customers.

Why, because they have a face of your business for people who don’t take the time or have the time to engage them on a regular basis.

So four reasons a brand ambassador can help your business. I’ll be happy to take any questions if you want to email: johnverlin12@att.net.

Visit: www.OnDemandAdvertisingSolutions.com website and we’ll talk to you again next week!

All podcasts are recorded by Verlin Studios / Gardner, Kansas

Copyright, John D. Verlin 2017

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From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #9, Eight Tips to Promote Your Start Up!

This weeks’ podcast features some great tips on how to promote your new business on a shoestring!

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Enjoy the video podcast!


Eight Marketing Tips for Startups:

Podcast #9

Host: John D. Verlin


Welcome to Digital Marketing Update, John Verlin here with On Demand Advertising Solutions.

Got a great bit of information here. From Entrepreneur magazine, a post by Derek Miller, about Eight Digital Marketing Tips for Boosting a Startup.

A lot of people who are starting new businesses…micro businesses, mom and pop type. Let’s face it—we’re on a shoestring.

He has some good points I’d like to elaborate on…using inexpensive ways to get your brand out—to get your name out there.

I have several clients that don’t even have websites. They have a Facebook business page—but we started with a blog linked to that. We build it out—and that’s why I call it a marketing platform. But he basically talks about utilizing social media.

It’s a great way to get your brand out there on a consistent basis. He talks about frequency and consistency. That goes back to my radio days, where we would tell advertisers, you don’t need thirty ads a week. Just to ten—maybe every other week. But do it all year long.

But keep consistency, because that will build repetition. Over and over and over that repetition—and that will build, however you want to do that.

Just be consistent with it—because it’s perception. Perception forms that reality. And keep in mind, it’s the customer you’re focused on—not you! A lot of brands use social media just to promote themselves.

My personal Twitter account that I use for my business—I actually just started because I knew I would be starting On Demand Advertising Solutions here in a couple of months.

I just started putting out content off of the web. Just things small businesses would like. I didn’t even have a website yet. I just started building that engine so to speak.

I just kept posting to Twitter and more than doubled the followers in a bout a month.

By the time I launched the website and started actually putting content on my blog—the podcasts, the cartoon video’s things like that, then I had people who were engaging because they became aware of me over time.

So, focus on the customer, their content—what their interests are. Gradually build in your brand.

It’s a gradual thing. Otherwise, you’ll turn people off. Engage with them. I’m talking even if they give you a negative comment, talk to them.

There’s a reason they’re doing it. Unless…and I’ve seen this happen. Somebody posts a comment on say your Facebook page…your business page. You respond and they come back with something more bland or mean.

I found that if you check out their Facebook page and find out who they are—if they don’t have it filled out, it could be, like I’ve seen some peoples—they’re just fraudulent so to speak.

They are just harassing you or are a competitor.

But at the minimum—get back with them please call this number—we’ll be glad to talk with you. If they don’t follow up on that or you have a chat option and they don’t follow up—they could be fraudulent.

Just trying to get face-time on your Facebook page! But do engage with them. When you do start testing. I test Facebook business ads on their platform. It’s frustrating I know. But once you have your platform build—your marketing platform, you’ve got something there with content and image that you can have grow organically.

When you do advertising investments—whatever it is…start out in baby steps and test—don’t just unload.

Do these little baby steps and gradually test different ads and different methods. Try a cartoon video, experiment with a still image of some sort linked to your website.

But once you test it and do it in baby steps…gradually and keep it consistent. You’ll find something that pulls those numbers, because we now have those platforms. We didn’t used to have them but we have them now.

I think on Facebook they call it pay to play. At any rate, do it in baby steps…with Linkedin, I believe they have premium services…Twitter, they do well with organic content—you can test on Twitter too.

And speaking of content…that’s still the main thing. You here that content is king—and that has been around for a long time. But that’s one reason I started doing podcasting for my clients and cartoon videos.

Because I told them that most people write long, boring pieces of content…and they cut and paste other peoples content. Which actually can get negatively scored by Google if you do to much of it.

I like doing podcasts like this—giving my take on the news , in this case on the web for small business. I like doing that and that’s why I like doing it for my clients. Because I get to interview them and we have fun doing this.

And then I transcribe this audio content and it’s unique, it’s our version of it. We put our own take on it, our own spin. There’s nothing new under the sun—ideas are there, it’s just how we use them and create content.

Think about your message…think about how is this going to help. I thought about this of how is this going to help people—particularly on a shoestring or a startup?

You may take one or two things away from this podcast, and suddenly you thought—oh, I didn’t know I could do that. That’s interesting. And then you can find cheap, creative content. There are sites like Elance, Craigslist or Fivver.

He talks about on Fivver you can do animated explainer videos. That’s pretty much the cartoon videos I talk about.

I love them because they’re short, memorable, something that you can create. There’s a learning curve. You gotta kind of get the hang of it and test them. But people can get what you’re all about in thirty to forty seconds.

They’re very effective I think. And he finally talks about optimizing internal pages for conversions. Like using free plugins to capture emails, you can use free tools like Google analytics to monitor visitor paths and referrals to your site. Optimizing forms on your site. I use a three part strategy page with a form on the bottom to have people sign up for a free newsletter. Of course, I also have my email and phone number so they can get in touch with me.

So, that’s pretty much what I wanted to talk about. Oh, and do outreach yourself. Start promoting it. Once you get this content developed, it’s all about self promotion through the social media or any channel you want.

You really have to take this thing by the horns and be consistent with it, be frequent with it and provide good content creatively.

Easier said than done. If I can help you, jverlin1@yahoo.com is my email. Website is: www.ondemandadvertisingsolutions.com.

We’ll look forward to talking to you soon with more content marketing ideas!

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