On Demand Advertising Solutions Blog: Marketing Your Small Business; When Are My Ads Going To Work? Every Business Owners Nightmare! Part 2, Podcast #54

When it comes to marketing your small business, do you invest your hard-earned money in a new website? Blog? Content producer? Paid advertising? Business memberships?

The decisions of getting it right can be daunting for business owners.


Today’s Digital Marketing Update

In today’s Digital Marketing Update, Podcast #54, host John D. Verlin discusses When Will My Ads Begin To Work? Every Business Owners Nightmare! Part 2.

He finishes his discussion on building out the marketing platform and how to use paid advertising to optimize results.

Which investments make the most sense–and which are fluff.

What should your expectations be from real-world experience, and which are media-driven pipe dreams?

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From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #3, Why podcasting is a good idea!

Podcasting a podcast is a great tool for every small business owner to have in their marketing platform arsenal.

Digital Marketing Update, Podcast #3 lays out the reasons you should do podcasting–least of which they will provide an element of your business many prospects aren’t aware of–and that’s you and your personality!

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Now–sit back and enjoy the podcast!


Podcasting a podcast:
Podcast #3

Host: John D. Verlin


Well, good afternoon. Welcome to Digital Marketing Update! This is John Verlin with On Demand Advertising Solutions. We’re going to be talking about small business owners content. Basically we’re going to talk about podcasts.

I had a number of people—particularly on that last program asked me about this—and so I thought it would be a topic to talk about. By the way…if you do have a question or want to ask me a question about something you want to talk about—go ahead and email me at jverlin1@yahoo.com.

You can go to my website: www.OnDemandAdvertisingSolutions.com. With any questions we’re talking digital content for small business owners—but since I came from a radio background—should you supplement your digital content with radio, print, TV…the sky’s the limit here.

We want to do the best thing we can to help you with your business. Today, we’re going to be talking about podcasting. Again, people will say “why should I podcast”? With all the new digital things?

Years ago, when I was in radio—thank goodness today we have measurable statistics and analytics with not only video, with social media…blogging—everything can be measured.

And even today—people who are doing traditional media—they don’t have the tools—well, let me back up. They have the tools today that they didn’t have ten years ago to measure results.

But you know what? A lot of small business owners still don’t really know what works and what doesn’t work. But—as far as podcasting goes, why should you do it? Well, it’s kind of simple. There’s several good reasons why.

What I do for my clients—I come to them, in addition to the social media—implementing those for them on a daily basis—if not weekly. Doing blogging for them…cartoon videos…and podcasts—recording and producing them. Sending them to Youtube or Podmatic site for my clients.

All of these are content that will help you with your marketing platform. They are going to get you noticed…enhancing your credibility to improve your brand.

The branding is the crucial thing in all of this. For local business owners particularly. Because people will search you out…they don’t know anything about you. That adds to content for your marketing platform. To give you not only a national or worldwide profile—but primarily local. And that can be promoted locally.

But, here’s why I like podcasting. One—it’s an intimate medium. You can here my voice (softly) right now…I talk to you like a friend would talk to you. And that is something that ever since Orsen Welles and War of the Worlds broadcast—people have gotten emotionally engaged with audio.

Well, as far as small business owners and marketing—people can put this in the ipod, listen in a car, when they sleep….it can register in their subconscious These are really good touchpoints—emotionally to people.

And you can do as many of these as you want. They’re simpler to do than video obviously.

Less production—although I do these for most clients. You can do all of this stuff on your own—do you know how to do it? Do you want to do it? That’s why most people hire me to record and produce things.

And the fun part of this is—you can create your own radio show. We can…I can interview you! We interview your guests…your customers! Think about that! You call your top customers—and this is what I love about a podcast. “Would you mind—Bob, you know you spend a lot of money with me in my business—would you mind if I interviewed you on my weekly podcast? Who me? Really? You want to interview me? Believe me folks—they will love it!

You’re giving your clients a platform to be talked about! Guess what they’re going to do? “yeah—i’ll have my guy with On Demand Advertising Solutions get in touch with you Bob…. He’ll send you the mp3 of the interview. He’ll tell you how to “leverage” it for your customers—on your website, in your email blast!”

Now they’re getting excited Because you’re helping them promote their business. Through something that you’re doing on their behalf and it doesn’t cost them anything!

Believe me folks—this gets the excited. Now you’ve got something that’s an emotional connection and being featured—that they can promote on their website, and their emails to their customer base.

And they’ll ask you how you heard about this guy that you contacted from On Demand Advertising Solutions…etc.

This is all why podcasting is fun because you’re getting them (your customers) engaged in answering their questions that are important to them. That’s indirectly important to you.

So, it’s an intimate medium…it gets your customers involved…it’s less stressful than doing a video…you can re-purpose this content as we’ve mentioned. People tend to be more relaxed when they’re talking in interviews like this rather than video.

People tend to get kind of up tight when they’re being watched. The video takes longer to produce. It’s not as easy to produce. And video can be expensive. Particularly if you have to hire a producer. So podcasts are more portable, cost-effective for content marketing because you can put them on a blog post, tweet it, in white papers…you can actually create a video of a podcast like I do with mine and put it on Youtube.

It stands longer because really doesn’t have a shelf life. And video is really a visual medium. So people have to really watch it and pay attention. Whereas with audio—they can be in the car, taking a nap…and can listen to it.

So it’s for these reasons intimate, simplicity, feature your customers, provide really good content simply, sounds good and people get emotional.

So podcasting is another great way to leverage an arsenal in your toolbox of content marketing.
Again, contact me for anything you want to talk about….at jverlin1@yahoo.com or visit my website at www.OnDemandAdvertisingSolutions.com. I’m John Verlin, Have a great day!

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