On Demand Advertising Video Podcast #93, Business Need To Expand? Powerful Strategies To Enter A New Market!

Your business has been growing to the point that you’ve decided to expand or move into other markets.

What information do you or your team need to gather to make profitable decisions?

Similar tactics are typically used when you set up your original marketing plan for your business.

This is a crucial step as unless a foundation is laid with marketing/competitive data–the venture may fail.

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Today’s Digital Marketing Update

In today’s On Demand Advertising SolutionsDigital Marketing Update Video Podcast #92, host John D. Verlin discusses Business Need To Expand? Powerful Strategies To Enter A New Market!

He comments a post by Jeremy Diamond in Entrepreneur.

On Demand Advertising Solutions Three-Part Strategy

It’s all a part of our services and  three-part strategy to drive SEO and web traffic so your business exceeds the profile and exposure of the competition!

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The Extended Marketing Platform

We do this through an extended marketing platform–the perfect compliment to current advertising campaigns.

Check out our strictly audio podcasts here.

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Enjoy The Video Podcast

(To read closed-caption transcription, please click on the “gear” icon, then turn on “CC” in the above Youtube player)

Key Podcast Take Aways
  • Spend time and money in research and development. This is a crucial step to determine what market, if any you have vs. competitors.
  • Perform market research. Learn about consumers, competitors and the effectiveness of your marketing programs. You can gauge interest in your product as well as industry and economic trends.
  • Conduct customer surveys (via Survey Monkey) , interviews and phone calls. 
  • Query your customers to get their opinions about your products’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • This research will give you an idea about how you may perform in this new market.
  • Evaluate your competitors strengths and weaknesses. You can make offerings to improve upon or counter what they’re doing.
  • Determine the market share you’ll achieve once you enter the new market. This is an important step to get an idea of how successful you may be. Your goal may not only be to increase sales but to reach or take from the competition some share points.
  • Once you’ve evaluate your chances of success–determine how much you’re willing to risk by talking to specialists and attorney’s to find out if the risk is worth taking.
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From the Blog: Telling Your Unique Small Business Story, Cartoon Video #15

It’s not always telling your unique small business story in :60 or less. However, as our Cartoon video #15 shows–using podcasts on blogs and promoted with high-testing video’s on social media, can be very effective.

Particularly in differentiating your business from the competition.

We help small business owners stand out and increase their web traffic and SEO using these techniques. It all starts with a three-part strategy customizing content for each client.

Learn more about our three-part strategy and set up a free consultation to see how we might assist your business!

Enjoy the video!

From the Blog: Small Business Worried That Business May Drop Off…?

In spite of the fact that the current economic and unemployment rate numbers are moving in a positive direction, owners of small businesses can no longer rest on their laurels.

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Disruption in various industries due to policies, automation, AI, etc. are no guarantee of the one element that feeds most small businesses–jobs, and consumer spending.

These small business concerns have always been there–as most have a minimal marketing program at best.

A marketing platform that is easy to promote via social media and complimentary advertising can help target key prospects…on an on-going basis each month and leverage marketing momentum in downturns.

This is especially important if the competition ramps up marketing dollars in hopes of stealing share.

Several innovative methods that are discussed in our latest cartoon video can help ease the disruption by providing on-going traffic and brand perception to your targeted customers.

It’s all a part of our three-point strategy in building your marketing platform!

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy the animated video!

From the Blog: How do we know Social Media works for small business? It’s all Relative!


Our Small Business Market Background, Strategy, Services and Pricing 

For many small business owners, understanding and utilizing digital elements and social media can be time consuming and frustrating.

More importantly, we want results and we want them now!

This post will demonstrate how we can measure results via the analytics of both Facebook and Twitter.

Both of these digital platforms–in addition to perhaps Linkedin are the current social media drivers to promote your marketing brand platform.

These posts of content will allow your business to engage customers and prospects, direct them to your website and provide a brand perception online and in your other marketing efforts.

But it will take time to develop these engagements as will they grow organically for search engines to discover.


When you review options for marketing today–it is really a layered combination of marketing platform (website) image and function, social media outreach (which engages and promotes image) and other marketing venues like email, TV, print, etc.

It’s all relative for the investment and ROI.

What used to be effective with cable TV…is now so segmented it’s difficult to reach enough people engaged with programming.

The same is true with TV and in some cases radio (although it’s always been segmented due to station programming) print, newspapers, etc.


We live in a digital world that gives us the freedom to measure results which advertisers begged for just a decade ago. It’s all accessible on phones, tablets and laptops wherever we may be at a moments notice.

Below are some measurable results from my own Facebook and Twitter accounts which are less than 60 days old.

You can see a breakout of the past 28 days for both platforms.

For example, having started a Facebook business page for On Demand Advertising Solutions less than 60 days ago–and making 3-4 content posts per week, over the past 28 days, we saw the following (I was also testing various cartoon video and static Facebook ads for less than $20 each).

There were 17 page views, 8 likes, 1,022 post engagements and 215 video views.

The goal of Facebook is to get people to “like” your page so that they’re added to your viewer/engagement database so to speak.

Whenever you post content after that–they will be exposed to it:


In evaluating these numbers…one must realize that I had just started posting a little over a month earlier. I have spent less than $20 so far in testing various paid ads.

This page was started from scratch and currently has 48 “likes”. It will continue to grow each month.

As far as ROI–my goal is to get 4 new clients this year. If I get more–so be it, although it could get hard to manage and I’d have to hire someone.

For my Twitter account over the pat 28 days–I posted 81 Tweets, impressions of the Tweets were up 89% over the previous month (the account is less than 90 days old), there were 236 profile visits to my Twitter page, 8 mentions and 44 new followers:


Now, let’s compare our results to one of our clients.

Here are the past 28 day analytics on their Facebook page. For 3-4 posts per week, they had 39 page views, 78 post engagements and 24 “likes”.


On their Twitter page (past 28 days)–their primary driver for social media reveals 701 Twitter profile visits (up 53% over previous month), 9 mentions and 42 new followers.



What’s more–this client also spends in excess of $100k/year on a Google Adwords campaign that also sends prospects to their website.

I ask you–how many small businesses have $100k to spend each year? And yet–this client sees the value in using both Facebook and Twitter to supplement their investment and build/promote their marketing platform. 

I repeat–it’s all RELATIVE to what channels you have to work with, your business goals and the overall investment you’re willing to make.

These results were achieved strictly through daily/weekly content media posts (without any Facebook or Twitter ads).

The main question most small business owners have to answer is how much time and effort can they afford to use in building out their marketing platform with social media?

Would it be better to hire a full-time employee and have them trained (all people have to be trained on social media as it is constantly changing). Or is it better to freelance to an experienced marketer?

Finding good content, preparing effective content, monitoring feeds with relevant content for your target customer and posting it each week is an on-going challenge for any business owner.


Over the past several years, we’ve witnessed the power of social media in uprisings, protests, marches and elections.

There is no longer any doubt as to the necessity for small businesses to be engaged via social media channels. That is where your prospects and customers will be expecting you! From product reviews to questions or complaints, social media plays a role that small businesses can no longer ignore.

Case in point, have you ever read a negative review on a Facebook post about a business you patronized? How did it make you feel?

One negative review can spread rapidly on social media. It’s that important!

At On Demand Advertising Solutions, we strive to provide valuable, creative and innovative content and effective customer engagement for our clients.

This, in the end is what our clients want, need and expect to help grow their businesses.

We have developed a three-point strategy to help our clients achieve cost-effective results–knowing their limitations and expectations.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

From the Blog: Frustrated with your small business growth? Discover an innovative strategy!

Small business owners have a difficult time building a business and adjusting to the new digital media channels, networking, traditional media and staying on top of the competition.

What’s needed is a simple, cost-effective strategy that is measurable and effective.

On Demand Advertising Solutions have developed a three-point strategy that can be implemented to create an engaged marketing platform–and promoted via social media or traditional channels (TV, radio, print, etc).

It’s all designed to produce measurable results, real fast!


Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy our strategy cartoon video below!

From the Blog: Cartoon videos are a great way for your small business to get noticed!

Ok, I must admit I wasn’t too crazy about the idea of using a cartoon video for my business.

After all, I’d be hearing about how video’s were becoming the rage on the internet with Youtube creating huge stars and their brands.

But after talking to a local businessman who had a national footprint for his business, I became convinced.

He had several dozen regular, lengthy video’s on Youtube and linked to his website. He tried doing a cartoon video (his marketing person said it took several months to create the one that tested well). He then tested it on Google adwords and other platforms, and he discovered that it pulled much better than many other videos did.


In fact–clients love how it can make them memorable and be seen very quickly via social media platforms in the news feeds.

One of On Demand Advertising Solutions favorite creations we produced for our business is below and tested better than a plain, static picture ad on Facebook and Twitter.

This cartoon video promoted the fact that we create them for our clients. Notice how quickly it grabs your attention, focuses the message to small business owners about their marketing needs,  promotes the capability and follow up call to action. 


A cartoon video is just another tool in the arsenal of online capabilities we provide our clients with in getting measurable results, real fast!

The first step is our  three-point strategy to get customer feedback in creating and implementing our clients messaging.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy the “caught you looking” video below!

From the Blog: Need to increase your business professional image?

Many small businesses today begin on a shoestring and struggle to grow and maintain professional environments, work behaviors and online/offline image.

In many cases, seeking marketing firms or business consultants to assist their growth and image can be quite cost-prohibitive.


Case in point–an online hand-crafted jewelry micro business was struggling to make sales–in spite of the fact that the owner attended various seasonal trade shows in her market and promoted that she was trained by a New York creative school.

When I asked about her website–which had SALE at the top, and seemed to be “cheaply” designed (my first impression), I was told she paid $8000 for the site to be constructed.

I felt bad for her–but my ONLY IMPRESSION of her professional image was her website. And I wasn’t impressed.

No matter how good her jewelry was and what credentials she had–professional impressions are made today via websites and online content.


It’s no secret that these first impressions are crucial to the success of any small business. Many business owners work hard developing them–but for some, it can be very expensive.

This is one reason we formed On Demand Advertising Solutions, to offer professional image, marketing, advertising and content solutions without paying MBA pricing!

We developed a three-part strategy to focus on in producing professional messaging and implementation. And it’s all at affordable pricing for small businesses (I know–I used to sell radio advertising)!

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy the cartoon below!


From the Blog: Searching for a way to streamline your operations?

The end of the year is a time,  as our most years–when businesses trim inventory, staff and costs in approaching a new year fiscal budget.


As of late–full time workers may be cut to part-time–or laid off entirely. This supports the trend in new small businesses or side gigs being established by these workers.

Small business owners are hiring more freelance consultants at a lower costs than full-time employees–as well as saving on health insurance costs.

This is one reason On Demand Advertising Solutions was created to offer the services and creativity of a 34-year marketing professional–at a lower cost than marketing firms or full time employees would offer.

It’s also why we developed a three-point strategy to help small business owners focus on proven methods and platforms that can produce measurable results, real fast!

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy this cartoon video sample of what we can customize for your small business!


From the Blog: Innovative marketing expertise for small business!

Not every new product or service is rocket science. Apple, Inc. under Steve Jobs was very innovative in design and launch of new products. But as of late–their creativity and innovation has stalled and they have relied on new markets to launch older iphone models (ok–who am I to criticize Apple, lol).

Many ideas for innovation maybe doing something a little better or different–not re-inventing the wheel (unless you’re Henry Ford and create a whole new way of assembly).


At On Demand Advertising Solutions–we were determined to innovate ways in which many marketing firms worked with small business–which also played into our strengths.

By creating animated video’s and podcasts for ourselves and clients–in addition to utilizing them as content for blogs and social media, we hoped to put a “twist” on the typical small business marketing practice featuring a three-point strategy.

The following cartoon video #4 kind of summarizes our approach and method of innovation. Plus–it was fun to create!

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy the video!

From the Blog: Caught you looking!

On Demand Advertising Solutions promotional cartoon video #9.

The eyes have it!

Check out our latest animated creation that is also an example of one of the ways  On Demand Advertising Solutions can help your small business grow!

We are able to utilize these short animations to draw traffic to your blog and website via promotions on social media!

It’s all a part of what we do to “build a marketing platform” that enhances your small business brand perception!

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!