• On-going presence on Facebook & Twitter business pages are primary drivers of customer traffic and replicated impressions (we also may use Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, etc as needed). Critical in today’s social media universe. Act as “inbound” sales agents reaching out to prospects.
  • Forms all-important “conversations” with potential new customers in creating awareness, credibility and authenticity.
  • Provides ready communication “links” for important feedback and information.

On-going social media promotion is critical to inviting “in-bound” prospects to learn about your services, products and credibility via your blog.

This outreach on a daily basis builds brand perception and word of mouth.

We will provide social media management with daily posts to platforms best-suited to your business clientele (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) with social media best-practices. 

We will provide monthly analytic reports of your social media engagements and on-going suggestions.

We charge a monthly flat fee for social media management based on how many posts and platforms needed.

To schedule a free marketing consultation, please call 816-223-2105 or use the form below. Learn about our “free offer” for first-time clients.

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