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As mentioned in this recent post from business coach, Dan S. Kennedy, in Entrepreneur

“If you want to gain the X Factor, you have to exceed the profile and exposure of your competition, generating content is one method of doing that.”

One way to generate original content is to tell your story and experiences with a series of podcasts and promote them with easy-to-watch video elements on a blog and social media. These produce engaging experience connections that can boost referrals and word of mouth.

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Jenna Lloyd, head of marketing, Virgin Atlantic, North America. “Podcasts have intrigued us for a while; we know it’s a format that resonates with many of our flyers, especially our business travelers, and one that would allow us to dive deep into intriguing pioneers and explore what we can all learn from their stories.”

Just as Virgin-Atlantic produces The Venture entrepreneurial podcasts for their business travelers, we will produce podcasts of your story for prospects to engage, then promote them with video’s on social media.

These new “positive experience connections” will boost web traffic, SEO, engagement, credibility and exposure of your brand!

We’ll even help you get started!


Schedule an appointment at 816-223-2105 .* We’ll give you an hour-long consultation and the following services ($350 value):

  •  We’ll produce a radio-show style podcast (8 min.) for your business.
  • We’ll produce a 60 second promotional animated video (users report up to 300% engagement with prospects) customized for your business 

Our gift to you.

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“Smart…client focused..strategic thinking…makes things happen with assets that they understand how to use”. -Herndon H.
“Has a passion for their products and excels in servicing clients. Unique approach is unlike any other”. -Tara A.
“True advertising professionals. Principled and disciplined–always willing to help others”. -Ross P.


Discover how our innovative podcasts and videos can turbocharge word of mouth, boost referrals, SEO, web traffic and prospect engagement! Visit our home page to learn all about us!

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*Offer good for first time appointment for Kansas City area businesses.

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