Above is an example of a video podcast (that we place on your Youtube page for additional exposure) .

We place a “written transcription” of each podcast on your blog that is picked up for ranking by the Google search engine. This provides “original content” that Google favors. All of our strictly audio podcasts can be heard here.

  • Audio formats such as mp3/mp4 online sound archives that allow you to feature your expertise.
  • Great way to show authority and share information in a very “personal” way.
  • Excellent way to post on website or email to customers on a regular basis with your own “radio show”. Combined with a pic of the recording session,  adds impact and positive impressions. Sells the Hollywood “sizzle”.  *

By featuring business expertise and experiences in podcast audio vignettes and promoted with videos–we provide your small business with provide original content that may be shared among targeted prospects.

Virgin Atlantic had this to say about the impact of podcasts in telling entrepreneurs stories:

virgin podcast screenshot

“Podcasts have intrigued us for a while; we know it’s a format that resonates with many of our customers with expertise in an exciting manner adding to brand currency and perception…especially our business travelers, and one that would allow us to dive deep into intriguing pioneers and explore what we can all learn from their stories.”

This dive deep brand experience helps you stand out against your competition.

podcast cover
Example of a podcast cover we will create for your business.

We will custom-record and produce podcast’s for your business and provide them in mp3 audio format for use on your blog, website or Youtube post.

We will also post them on Podimatic podcast site to expand your searchable platform experience for listeners to be able to download from iTunes or Google Play.

Podcasts are recorded, produced, transcribed and uploaded typically 2-4x/month for a per podcast fee (or in monthly packaged rate).

In addition, we will create a Podcast Cover for your business to be used on podcast uploads, blog posts, social media posts, email blasts, etc. as a brand identifier.

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