For any marketing firm or advertising agency developing a cohesive marketing strategy for today’s small businesses with limited budgets, one has to examine the changes over the past several years.

  • Prospects and customers are gradually moving from traditional brick and mortar stores to online experiences.
  • Prospects research products and services online, with over half using mobile devices.
  • Prospects are increasingly placing more value and trust on reviews, influencers, rich media content and social media comments.
  • Because of this change in prospect and customer behavior, successful businesses will need to be more active online and in social media than ever before.
  • A focus on prospect engagement and actively forming the customer experience will be crucial in retaining their loyalty against your competition.
  • Engaging rich-content elements will be needed (videos, etc) not just a search directory listing or customer email database.
  • Prospects need to be engaged where they hang out. Fragmentation of traditional media outlets and growth of digital platform usage (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon, Pandora, etc) requires a modern day re-thinking of professional marketing.
  • Understand the shift and embrace the change. Learn as much as you can about the new media–as this is as significant as moving from the Industrial Revolution to the Technological Revolution.
  • It’s also a part of the Internet of Things (all devices connected via internet), artificial intelligence and robotics–as businesses look for ways to improve efficiency and influence the customer experience.
  • Communicating through these new channels involve creating an emotional connection with the brand, positive experiences and building relationships.

It’s what I call the Marketing Platform.

marketing platform infographic cropped

All roads from media and engagements lead back to it.

The Marketing Platform is what I use to boost your brand, customer engagement and influence the customer experience.

The strategy in building this platform, is composed of getting focused feedback (data/market research) from customers, creative content and on-going promotion.

Content continues to be King in providing prospects and customers information about your industry and expertise.

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As mentioned in my services page–creating unique, engaging content is no different than what Netflix or Amazon do in producing “Originals” content for streaming devices.

By sharing this content to a variety of social media platforms, blogs, videos and podcasts–customers and prospects are exposed to new ways of consuming information about your business that will make you stand out from competitors.

On Demand Advertising Solutions Services becomes your content creators, producers and promoters, and your business is the Hollywood Studio!


Your content is now promoted and streamed on mobile and digital devices to your prospects, customers, and followers.

blog followers
Your blog is now the studio streaming platform, with more and more followers engaged in it each week.

To drive your new audience and grow it, fresh new rich media content is needed on a consistent basis.

Thus my Three-Point Strategy:

multiple platforms
Creative content is posted on a blog and continuously promoted on social media as well as other channels.
  1.  Use customer feedback to measure concerns and questions they have about your business or industry. This will help target voice-requested search rich media content.

  2.  Answer those concerns in a blogpost each week using captivating storytelling. This promotes your expertise/credibility with entertaining, interview-style video podcasts (provides rich-content that is searchable).  

  3. Promote and distribute those creations on social media channels with repetition–as well as monthly newsletters, email marketing and traditional media (TV, radio, print, etc).

Google Search On Demand Advertising Solutions  screenshot
This strategy can help clients get multiple links the first page of a Google search for their business name.
web traffic for the year shot
Increased website traffic may be accomplished through consistent social media promotion of podcast/animated video content.

I offer a wide range of services to help small businesses implement a portion or all of these elements.

Please visit the services page to determine which you would like to learn more about.

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