Thanks to digital marketing platforms and capabilities–today’s professionals and small business owners have the tools to create effective and measurable online marketing campaigns.

However, many small business owners are limited in time and budget to effectively and efficiently market their businesses.

They need cost-effective marketing services that will help them exceed the profile and exposure of their competitors, drive web traffic, engage prospects and customers.

That’s where a marketing firm like On Demand Advertising Solutions can help.

The combination of social media promotion and rich media content creation produces greater search rankings, organic web traffic and brand currency.

In fact–you can cut to the chase and get my special $30 podcast offer to begin your online marketing journey to more rankings, listings and prospect engagements here!

  • Prospects and customers are gradually moving from traditional brick and mortar stores to online experiences.
  • Prospects research and engage rich media products and services online, with over half using mobile devices.
  • Prospects are increasingly placing more value and trust on reviews, influencers and social media comments.

Why focus on rich media content and social media marketing? Recent algorithm changes at Google and Facebook place greater value on rich content such as video, streaming, pictures and audio. The search engines find content on websites, blogs, social media posts, etc.

Please read the following excerpt regarding the importance of content (stuff):

On Demand Euler shot

It is a perfect compliment to traditional media and current marketing efforts.


The services I offer your business are designed to work together to increase relevant content, web traffic, trust and engagement of your prospects.

My services may be used independently for growing your business, or as a part of a strategy to turn your business into a Hollywood studio!


multiple platforms

  • An on-going presence on Facebook & Twitter business pages as they are the primary drivers of customer traffic and replicated impressions (we also may use Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, etc as needed).
  • Social media management with 5-7 daily posts to platforms best-suited to your business clientele (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) including social media best-practices, monitoring and feedback.
  • Monthly analytic reports of your social media posts, engagements and on-going suggestions.


Creating presenter videos or animated videos (like the one below) consistently upgrade your search engine rankings with rich media content.
on demand header small business screenshot
Watch Sample Video
  • Simplified messaging that allows prospects to “get” what your business is all about in less than one minute.
  • Custom-create animated video’s for your business in 1080p resolution, mp4 format for use on your blog, website or Youtube post.
  • “How to” or presenter video’s featuring you, your staff or customers to place on Youtube and Vimeo.


  • Great way to showcase expertise and information in a very “personal” way.
  • With over 90 created and produced video podcasts and 34 years in radio advertising–I’m poised to help your business get more prospects with what Entrepreneur calls “the new marketing frontier”, Podcasting.
  • Excellent way to post on website or email to customers on a regular basis with your own “radio show”. Sells the Hollywood “sizzle”.
  • We feature your business expertise and experiences in video podcasts-seen as original transcribed rich content that may be shared among targeted prospects.
video podcast screen 4
Listen to sample video podcast
podcast cover
Sample of custom graphics I create for your business.


  • Excellent way to “feature” your content. Promoting your customers via a blog insures links, referrals and repeat traffic.
  • Adds consistent organic rich media content to Google search engines ranking your website higher in their realm of searches.
  • Adds authoritative content highlighting your business expertise.


Knowledge–sales, marketing, copywriting, editing, production, social media
smart phone camera video

Tools–web-based surveys, email marketing, audio software, graphic design/elements, video production
Experience–seasoned marketing experience with thousands of small business owners offer a unique perspective in solving your marketing issues
Understanding–knowing what techniques are most effective to produce results
Creativity–utilizing the eye of an artist with the mind of a poet, producing entertaining, informative and educational messaging
Effective Content–not just measurable–but memorable content that moves prospects to action

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