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  • Excellent way to “feature” your content and customer’s content. Promoting your customers via a blog insures links, referrals and repeat traffic.
  • Adds consistent organic content to Google search engines ranking your website over time higher in their realm of searches.
  • Adds authoritative content highlighting your business expertise. Video, photo, audio content may be added as well creating a “mini-website” for your prospects and customers.


Producing a solid platform of blog expertise starts the customer experience with your brand.

nuclear fuel

The blog is like nuclear fuel for the future growth of your business. By adding fresh content every week, search engines continue to rank it.

The blog also highlights your expertise and allows the content (written, podcast/transcript and video) to be promoted via social media as the crux of your marketing platform.

We will create or continue a blog for your business, posting podcast/transcript and/or video content each week to keep your content fresh for search engines and prospects.

Pricing is based on a flat monthly fee.

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