On Demand Advertising Solutions Video Podcast #94, The Future Gig Is Freelance, Optimizing Independent Worker Output

On Demand Advertising Solutions

A recent Upwork study found that about 47 percent of millennials engage in freelance work, compared to 36 percent of the entire workforcewith more than half expected to do so by 2027.

This work force impact demands a discussion whether you are a freelancer trying to build a business, or an employer wanting to cut costs and hire a freelancer.

What should be expected in this new relationship and how can freelancers more forward in creating a more secure working environment?

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Today’s Digital Marketing Update

In today’s On Demand Advertising SolutionsDigital Marketing Update Video Podcast #94, host John D. Verlin discusses The Future Gig Is Freelance, Optimizing Independent Worker Output.

He comments a post by Michael Burdick, Paro CEO in Entrepreneur.

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