On Demand Advertising Solutions Video Podcast #92, Protecting And Growing A Service Business Brand

Have an original brand? Learn who had the first in this podcast!

On Demand Advertising Solutions

If you own a service business like mine–selling and branding yourself needs to focus on a different tack than just selling a product.

While word of mouth is always the best form of credibility–online searches provide a whole new venue for prospects to learn about you, and in may cases–are more believed.

The question is what is your business doing to protect your brand and develop it to get new customers?

ubrecht sword total image The famed Ubrecht swordsmith logo from Viking fame. Known as the earliest found “logo”.

Above is an example of an early method a Viking-era sword smith used in defining his or her brand in the service of sword making (stamping a “logo” on the blade).

On Demand Advertising Solutions newsletter card image1 cropped

Today’s Digital Marketing Update

In today’s On Demand Advertising SolutionsDigital Marketing Update Video Podcast #92, host John D. Verlin discusses Protecting And Growing A Service Business Brand.

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