On Demand Advertising Solutions Video Podcast #95, Getting A First Page Listing In Spite of “60 Minutes” Google Interview About Control Of The Internet

On Demand Advertising Solutions

In a war of words and growing concern by small businesses about their place on the internet search giant, Google, 60 Minutes latest report gives pause as accusations fly over their control of the internet–and favoring businesses they control.

It’s not the first time Google has come up in anti-trust charges by Congress of being too big to fairly allow competition with small businesses they don’t control.  The staggering amount of businesses they own (like YouTube, Android, etc) provides leveraging lobbying representation in Congress to virtually provide nothing to happen.

In order to get first page exposure in a Google search of business–virtually all businesses are forced to pay-to-play in the online game.

This illustrates the importance of an online presence for every business to be seen as a “real” business, since nobody goes to page 4 of listings to do business with those companies listed (according to Yelp CEO…

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