On Demand Advertising Solutions Video Podcast #80, SpaceX And Elon Musk Showed Us How To Do Marketing Right

When it comes to marketing your small business to consumers, promoting business to business to get clients or using social media marketing to advance engagement; using out of this world content, engaging prospects and customers is what great marketing is all about–and Elon Musk just showed us how to do a stellar job.

Creating great content is half the challenge in the battle for the mind. The rest of it is getting repetitive media coverage and PR for your brand.

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Today’s Digital Marketing Update

In today’s Digital Marketing Update, Video Podcast #80, host John D. Verlin discusses SpaceX And Elon Musk Showed Us How To Do Marketing Right.

When we thought we had seen an epic launch of his Falcon Heavy test rocket blast off and two booster rocket re-landings, Elon Musk pulled a Steve Jobs, “one more thing” and showed us eye-popping shots of Starman in his Tesla in space.

This is textbook (and one for the record books) marketing at it’s best.

Talk about enhancing his SpaceX and Tesla brands, his use of rich media content and social media were the talk of news organizations and social media platforms.


On Demand Advertising Solutions Three-Part Strategy

It’s all a part of our services and  three-part strategy to drive SEO and web traffic so your business exceeds the profile and exposure of the competition!

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The Extended Marketing Platform

We do this through an extended marketing platform–the perfect compliment to current advertising campaigns.

Check out our strictly audio podcasts here.

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Enjoy The Video Podcast

(To read closed-caption transcription, please click on the “gear” icon, then turn on “CC” in the above Youtube player)

Key Podcast Take Aways
  • Create unique content highlighting your expertise. In the case of SpaceX, their ability to create a huge rocket and have re-usable booster rockets.
  • The use of rich media content allows for prospects to watch and share video over and over. This increases eyeball visits. 
  • Allows use of social media and website to promote event and engagement.
  • Content placed on blog or website allow backlinks for others to view from different news organization sites, blogs (like this) and other formats.
  • Images and video enhances cross-brand currency online and word of mouth. Viewers of SpaceX launch may become interested in buying a Tesla.
  • This unique expertise can become a beacon of future promotions that is also searchable on search engines.
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All podcasts are recorded by Verlin Studios / Gardner, Kansas

Copyright, John D. Verlin 2017

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