On Demand Advertising Solutions Blog: The Magic Of Entertaining Podcasts, I’m Finally Doing My Jimmy Stewart and Jerry Lewis Impersonations, Podcast #44

Ever since I was a DJ in college–I have always wanted to entertain people.


That’s one reason I spent two years in theater at Abilene Christian University my freshman and sophomore years.

My theater director was Dr. Lewis Fulks, who himself studied under Cecil B. DeMille of Hollywood fame.

I originally was introduced to theater by my high school theater director, Gerald Snider to portray one of the three murders in Shakespeare’s MacBeth.

john v high school pic
John D. Verlin, high school senior pic.

After two years in theater–I went on to finish my BA-Mass Communications degree (Radio-TV specialty) at Abilene Christian.

I worked for a Christian radio station, KCAD (located in the basement of a shopping mall) at the Sunday morning (graveyard) shift, then eventually took over the all night slot at Top-40 leader, KRBC one year later.

Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, Ralph Bellamy–always loved theater and movies!

The life of a college all-night DJ did give me some exposure to fame (I had my share of groupies) as well as getting to meet KISS and other celebs.

But I began (out of being bored most of the night) doing some impersonations that I worked up.

After a while–I began to realize how powerful radio was–not only for information, music and entertainment, but in forming emotional connections to the audience.

In podcast #44,  John Verlin delves in to the magic of audio (one reason he does podcasts) and how they can emotionally connect with his audience.

And yes–he does do his Jimmy Stewart and Jerry Lewis impersonations!

jerry lewis.jpg
Jerry Lewis

It’s all a part of our three-part strategy to drive SEO and web traffic and make your business exceed the profile and exposure of your competitors with an extended marketing platform–the perfect compliment to a Google Adwords campaign!

You may learn more about us and schedule a free appointment.

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Marketing Your Business; The Magic Of Entertaining Podcasts, I’m Finally Doing My Jimmy Stewart and Jerry Lewis Impersonations, Podcast #44!

Host: John D. Verlin



Once again good afternoon John Verlin, OnDemand Advertising Solutions and another

Digital Marketing Update. I’m gonna try to make it through this podcast today because

I’ve been looking forward to doing this. But I want to start out with a answer to an email

I got from a lady named Janine in Lenexa,  Kansas. She basically has some really good

questions here but I want to try to explain this quickly and then move on to today’s

podcasts about the Magic of Entertaining Podcasts and how you can do things

emotionally with them,  like do impersonations of Jimmy Stewart and

Jerry Lewis. Which I want to do and I will do that here in just a minute.

She says John,  I’ve been listening to some of your podcasts checked out your

website question I’ve had people in content marketing as well as search

engine optimization suggest various programs for me to do. It’s quite expensive to

optimize this that the other. Why do you use podcasts over blog post and why not

why shouldn’t I just put more money into other media that’s gonna draw quicker

response?  Good question. I need to thank you for asking it. Well,  I’ll give you

sort of a short answer here but basically if we go back to what I talked

about yesterday in the forty-third podcast about 2018 marketing and the

projections of how important it’s going to be to tap into Millennials for future

growth of businesses. What they are looking for. What they are engaged with

is the emotional connection and authenticity. This is something

that’s it’s it’s a pretty big deal. But basically it’s the experiences sharing,

expert experiences is what a lot of people now are saying you need to

really connect into for customer engagement. These are the buzz words

going on in marketing right now. But it’s really important now because there are so

many options as you know. But you got to engage the customer somehow.  Maybe

have a party. Maybe you know you know you’re doing. Maybe direct mail or whatever.

But how effectively are you engaging them? That’s kind of what it’s coming down to.

What I have found that by recording content as a podcast, you’re gonna stand out if you

make a video podcast out of it. Which is what we can do.  You can include pictures

about your business. You can include video but you can also include your

voice like I’m doing now. And that has emotion and this has all come about

primarily from my radio background. Seeing what I saw as a DJ back in

college. I worked at a Christian station that was 500 watts in the basement of

the mall–about his graveyard shift as you can get. Then went to a top 40 station.

Had an all-night radio show for a year and in Texas. And it was great. I

mean I learned a lot. I had a lot of people call in.  I got to go out and meet

people and you begin to see that engagement when they meet you for the

first time and they’re like wow you’re a star.  That kind of thing.

That only happens I mean it’s you can do that as an author and print may in a

definitely in television but there’s some magic there. And these are very

cost-effective. okay it is one reason. It engages emotionally. You can do

10-minute versions of podcasts and dive deep so to speak in them more than you

can do with a blog post. You know you can do that it and it just may be not as

engaging,  not as interesting. And by the way,  speaking of blog posts. We transcribe

these podcasts. If you look on my blog you see there’s written content

as well of what I’m saying. So that is a blog post. It’s doing

double-duty content but it allows people to access it 24/7. You can be

listening right now to me from my website and working out on a bicycle or

walking or whatever. So it’s engaging constantly. It’s very simple to

engage. By recording this content,  you do connect that 

emotional element and that’s hard to do. It’s just like old-time radio. If you

listen to the old radio shows you start laughing or whatever.  That’s the

entertainment side of this thing. It’s hard to entertain in,  in writing so to

speak to get the same effect with the content. Like I said,  you can be doing

other things and engage other activities while you’re listening and you may be

doing that right now.  You can do a combination of things. You could be

ironing,  walking, whatever you’re doing while you’re listening to this. I‘s why

people buy CDs and talk-related content you know for for learning and education.

Now basically,  what the whole deal is,  is that by using these you have

more flexibility to get your content. Engaged, I guess what I’m trying to say.

When you’re doing this with your employees or your prospects you have

your own little radio show. Guess what? You can interview them. Maybe you have a

loan officer you’re a bank president and you can put them on a podcast take

pictures of them being interviewed by you. Or you have your employees.  So you’re

engaging your prospects, during your little radio show. And doing

segments and getting the employees involved, your staff involved. All of this

is fun. That’s a key thing here. Not sitting,  writing laborious notes and

posting. This is engaging in various snippets of education, entertainment and

information.  So if you go to look at my website now. This is the front side of

this thing. The entertainment side. The education side of content. The

back end side if you google my business, On Demand Advertising Solutions you’re

most likely gonna see not only my Google my business site page. You’re gonna see

some links to my video podcasts. Now if I hadn’t done these, you probably

wouldn’t see those. Matter of fact, you probably may not see a lot of links

from other businesses if they don’t do a blog. They’ll just have your

yellow pages maybe. You’re linked to Facebook, Twitter maybe.  But this is read

by the search engines on YouTube. YouTube’s owned by Google. So this

is the back end benefit as you get ranked higher. It’s also something that I call part of

the marketing platform. You can promote this content. There’s a reason

now you can tell people to come to your website. Now think about that. If you

don’t have something for them to come see, what are they gonna do? Why would

they want to come see it? So what I do by doing these video podcasts for clients, I

give their prospects and customers reason to come to the site. And that’s

what this is all about. Getting people to your website. Having a first impression

to follow through and follow up and call you, or come into your store.

Does that make sense? I’m trying to do this in a hurry kind of because I want

to spend some time here. But that’s why this is going to be really

important for future growth of your business is engaging customers. Getting

emotionally involved with them somehow. And I found, through my experience in

radio, you can make these emotional connections through podcasts. You can hear my

expression. You can feel my passion or whatever. Well that’s the same thing when you do

podcasts discussing your expertise. People can listen and go wow I didn’t know that.

And guess what? They’re sucked into your podcast on your website, which is

linked to YouTube. All that’s being searched by Google and you’re

being ranked higher. Does that make sense? I hope it does. Because that’s the short

answer to all this. Now, I want to talk about the entertainment side of

podcasting to follow up on my podcast yesterday about connecting emotionally.

When I was in college, I got into theater and I was in a number of productions.

I learned an awful lot. It was a great experience. If you’ve ever been in

theater, to learn for public speaking. The first two years of college got in

theater at Abilene Christian University. Studied under a man named Dr. Lewis Fulks,

dr. Lewis fulks who actually studied under Cecille B DeMille or his brother

I believe, in Hollywood. So had a great experience. The last two year of college, got into

radio and did an all-night radio show at a top 40 station. Learned a lot. The key was–a lot

of times,  when I would go on remote broadcast and you know young girls would come

up and–I listen to you all the time! And they would get all excited and they’re just all

bent out of shape about this. So they would get all worked up over meeting me

because they had listened to me all the time. This is the emotional connection. They felt

like they knew me. They felt like they knew me. John, how are you?  Oh I’ve been

listening to you. You know, I’m their best friend. Well, that is the emotional connection

you can draw to your prospects and customers through these podcasts. How do I

know this? Well, I’ve experienced a bit at the same time when I was in radio. We had

advertisers, we had talk-show hosts, all post podcasts of ads they did by themselves or

that they were being interviewed during a radio show. And they would post those

podcasts on their website and their customers could go in to the website and listen to

them. And that formed a powerful impression. Not only that they heard them on a

radio station but they actually got to experience that on their website. Now,  if

you’re going to buy your product or service and I’m a customer and I go to

your website and I see and hear that, how is that going to compare that if I go to

a competitor and I don’t see that at all? Think about that. That’s what this does–

to separate you from your competition. And in the back end,  it elevates you in

the search engines because you’re providing good content, relevant content

and you’re having fun. you’re having fun. You can feel that excitement. That’s why

podcasts,  I love them because they’ve got so many multiple benefits to doing and

their transcribed just like a blog so you’re getting the benefits of pretty much

everything. Now, why do I offer this? Why do I focus in on this? Why am i pretty much

the only one doing this with animated videos? Well, animated videos, they test well. You

can get it in 30 seconds. You can put them on your Facebook page. You put them on all

platforms if you want. They’re fun. They’re different and unique. The same with

podcasts. Fun. Different and unique. And what are we looking for today to stand out

from the competition? What are we looking for to lure people into our web sites,  to our

content. To pay attention to us! That’s why I focus on them and because I produce all this

for you and promote it. I could charge really reasonable fees because it’s basically

my effort and my experience and that sort of thing. So entertaining podcasts,

they’re great to get engaged people. They’re one way to interview, as I

mentioned your staff or customers. Great clients. Say, I want to put you on my

podcast. Would you be willing? And they would be thrilled to have you interview them.

You then send them or I do the mp3. I tell them, go ahead and send this out to

all your customers. Let them know you’ve been interviewed by so-and-so. Now you’ve

got a whole another market of their customers getting exposed to your

podcast. Do you see how this builds out? It’s an extension of your marketing

platform. Okay,  so anyway I got into theater and loved acting. Loved all the

stuff. Started doing impersonations and radio because I was bored. I had a

midnight to 6:00 shift and by the way, if you haven’t noticed–I’m telling you a

story. Storytelling is one other aspect that’s going to be really important and

has been. But it’s becoming more so, because people want to hear

about somebody.  It’s like when your grandpa, grandma said,  let me tell you a

little story. Then, you would just be grandpa, how did this happen? Now you’re engaged.

It’s the same thing. So, I started doing impersonations because I

was bored in college. There, in the radio show playing American top 40. This is

actually about the time of the Bee Gees and Donna Summer and that sort of thing.

Actually, I judged a disco dance contest in a Methodist Church of all places. So, I

started doing impersonations and had a lot of fun doing it. I had listeners call up

laughing wanted me to do them again. Uh , you may or may not like them but here

we go. Alright here’s Jimmy Stewart as I promised. This is Jim, Jim… Jimmy

Stewart. You know,  John gets excited when he talks about don’t doing podcasts. And I

can see why he might because you can there’s so much you can do when you’re talking to

somebody like this. And you get right up on the mic like this and you can talk very softly

and get a lot of emotion. Like I did when I was in It’s a Wonderful Life. I yelled out

Merry Christmas you old building  and loan. That’s why I think what he’s talking

about makes some sense. Okay,  now I learned years ago how to

do Jerry Lewis through watching David Frye an impersonator on a TV interview.

He said the way he would do impersonations is, he would get in front

of a mirror and make facial expressions of that person and then suddenly the

voice would came. So what, I’m in junior high and I go in and I go to a mirror

and I start doing this. I know you can’t see this, but I’m imitating Jerry Lewis’ face and

the voice just came just like he said. And I would do it in junior high

and high school. Call people up. Get girls laughing at college. Whatever. So here’s my

Jerry Lewis. Oh hello. oh I’m  Jerry. Who’s your little whoesy? Who’s you

turtle dove? Who’s your little whose it?  Who do you love?  ha Oh,

John I don’t feel so good. Lady,  would you help me? Anyway,  you’re either gonna tell

people–you got to hear this guy,  he’s terrible! But it the key is– they’re listening!

John Verlin at johnverlin12@att.net My cats are coming up to me on

the table. Want to know what happened to me. They probably think I had a stroke or

something. johnverlin12@att.net or

visit www.OnDemandAdvertisingSolutions.com

we’ll see you again next week have a great day


All podcasts are recorded by Verlin Studios / Gardner, Kansas

Copyright, John D. Verlin 2017

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