On Demand Advertising Solutions Blog: Marketing Trends For 2018–How To Take Your Brand To The Next Level, Melding Your Business Brand Into Heartfelt Emotion, Podcast #43

For business owners, 2018 may be a disruptive year in marketing trends.

In podcast #43, John D. Verlin talks about how customer engagement may be enhanced by melding your brand into experiences–causing emotional connections with prospects.


Podcasts and animated videos are surefire elements to enhance both.  This is based upon an article in Forbes by Billee Howard, published November 12, 2017.

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Now, enjoy the video podcast!

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Marketing Your Business;  Marketing Trends For 2018–How To Take Your Brand To The Next Level, Melding Your Business Brand Into Heartfelt Emotion, Podcast #43!

Host: John D. Verlin


A pleasant good afternoon to you.

This is John Verlin with On Demand Advertising Solutions and another Digital Marketing Update.

I want to talk to you today about some cool new trends for next year, 2018 from a marketing standpoint.

This was in Forbes last week, written by Billee Howard.

She kind of hits on some trends for next year to be thinking about.

As far as moving your business ahead and what you should be looking at.

One of the concepts she comes off with is, you know it used to be you’d focus on your brand.

And it…I guess you could call it cause marketing. To some degree.

But you want to tie your brand into it. Good corporate responsibility perhaps.

This notion of it’s, it’s more than buying something and come up with a price point.

It has something of relevance to make the world a better place.

The brand purpose needs to be thought out about what is it trying to accomplish.

But she is saying that the cause marketing idea, for marketers particularly, it focused on this corporate responsibility.

You give back to the community. That sort of thing.

And it’s this idea that an organization comes up with a mission statement.

Today, that needs to be tied to your day to day offerings.

In other words, it’s the experiential, the experiences that your brand can offer, to make the world a better place.

Is sort of the central part of the marketing strategy.

Moving forward.

Be thinking about how your brand an be tied in to make something more than just we have a cheap price.

This will change your life.

This will make your experience with our brand so much more meaningful. And for the greater good of society.

That kind of concept. These should be, all of these experiences, again the word is experience.

Not just price point. These are all going to tie in to a customer experience.

And we’ve talked about it in the past, the customer engagement is the new marketing.

This whole idea of engaging customers.

And this is becoming more important as baby boomers age and value –and this has been known years.

People over say sixty–they start traveling.

The value these cruises, these new experiences.

It seems as you get older you don’t need the things as much–you want the experience.

I know I’m more mature. I like a nice cup of coffee on a beautiful morning. And I appreciate that more.

Stop and smell the roses.

That’s experiences.

The wafting of the cinnamon roll on this trip to the bed and breakfast to enjoy that leisurely experience. With our coffee, our cinnamon rolls, with the beautiful mountains in the background.

Come to our bed and breakfast. That kind of thing.

So, they’re tying in an experience with the brand in with a better, enjoyable part of your life as well as, when you come to our bed and breakfast, we believe in helping nature.

The environment–so we’re going to donate ten percent of your bill to the Nature Conservancy.

Because we want to keep our mountains, our streets beautiful.

And our rivers, gorgeous. That kind of thing. So it’s tying in social consciousness to make the world a better place.

But tying your brand in with that experience on a regular basis.

She indicates that this brand purpose, putting that at the fore of the brand strategy, can be a lever of growth to both internal and external audiences (customers and employees, vendors, etc)

This is also, the second point she makes is a drive to the engagement of the heart.

Emotional engagement, is a sister to rational engagement. And the rational stimulates the mind–whereas the emotional engagement is based on stimulation of the heart.

Today with the brand experiences we have.

The emotional engagements are proving to be more critical than just winning results and effective storytelling and digital marketing.

They’re actually at the heart of this whole idea.

Think of it as, when I was in radio–this is huge.

This is the reason many times people purchased products and services from our clients, because of the emotion they felt from the radio ad.

I think of a number of contractors we had advertise at the Christmas season.

And the ads were almost like Andy Griffith. Looking back on the year, how thankful they were.

This time of year, I encourage to help the children getting clothes and coats. Support the coats for kids project. That kind of thing.

Tapping the emotion. Radio has always done a great job of that.

Because of the emotion of the voice. As with podcasts and other types of communication.

You get that emotional feeling.

So, it’s tying in your brand with an emotional element--and not just a rational element.

But emotional.

And the reason I think this-is what she’s referring to, is that the focus we’ve talked about is more on interacting with your customer.

The social media interactions, the brand interaction.

This focus–if you haven’t thought about this in your business. I think a lot of this has to do with the Millennial generation and younger people, where they value not things as much perhaps, as experiences.

The emotional connection through technology of these brand experiences is a good thing.

So to woo those younger people, plus in general, our society is tied in more with all of this technology.

But, the emotional engagement of the heart so to speak just may get them want to buy or feel better about your brand, is what the key to this is in stimulating it.

And it’s all because of these interactions with customers. It’s a unique thing that we’re switching technology–but we cannot forget how people feel.

So, engaging your brand, tying it in to your marketing to get an emotional response, and that’s a big thing.

Think about ways, how to do that moving forward for next year.

Because you can’t just be complacent. It’s also tied in to storytelling.

These are effective ways and one reason we like doing these podcasts. Are the fact that you can tell stories.

That’s becoming–the storytelling concept, the tying into the emotion–all that is becoming the new marketing.

Engaging with your customers. So, if you have a direct mail piece, an email, whatever it is–somehow getting an emotional element in them.

And that’s why I like podcasting–because it can bring those emotions out.

As you describe the benefits of your products and the organizations you’re going to be working with.

This year, who you will donate to on behalf of your brand.

And maybe even having a representative on a podcast talking about this and why they’re so thankful that you’re brand is helping them out.

They can transform through emotion through storytelling those benefits, to get people to feel good about your brand.

And finally, and again we just mentioned this–the customer doesn’t really buy into things anymore, they buy into stories that are kind of brought to life with a mix of creativity and technology.

I just kind of pointed this out a minute ago because these whole story things are becoming a big influence in business, she says.

And it’s, it’s been that way in radio for years.

That has sort of been the secret–that and repetition to getting businesses to get results. It’s the emotional connection.

Because the listeners feel, that’s the key word, they feel like the know the brand.

Whether they do or not, totally different story.

It’s hard to feel for something that’s in writing perhaps.

Unless you really read it.

And today, we know attention spans are small, many times they don’t.

But, it’s creating emotion. A feeling–this is nothing real new that she’s pointing out.

In the marketing–to be thinking along these lines, and this all ties into what I talk about using various marketing elements.

Like animated videos–you might chuckle and get your attention.

Podcasts–again, ties into the emotion. You hear it. You feel it.

And then part of–making your brand part of that emotional experience for your prospects and customers.

John Verlin, On Demand Advertising Solutions. Great to have you with us.

Email me at johnverlin12@att.net. Website is www.OnDemandAdvertisingSolutions.com.

We’ll talk to you next week!

All podcasts are recorded by Verlin Studios / Gardner, Kansas

Copyright, John D. Verlin 2017

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