On Demand Advertising Solutions Blog: 3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs To Get Recognized On Multiple Platforms, Podcast #39

In today’s new digital world–it takes more effort for a business to gain credibility than just a phone book listing or ad in a newspaper.


In today’s podcast, Host John D. Verlin discusses the reason why your business needs an online presence on not just a website (as a minimum) but multiple platforms as well.

He also discusses his conversation with a Google representative as to why this is crucial for search ranking.

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Think of exposure on additional platforms as heavy B-52 bomber support from Mustang fighters in WWII.

It’s all a part of our three-part strategy to drive SEO and web traffic and make your business exceed the profile and exposure of your competitors with an extended marketing platform–the perfect compliment to a Google Adwords campaign!

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Now, enjoy the video podcast!

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Marketing Your Business; 3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs To Get Recognized On Multiple Platforms, Podcast #39!

Host: John D. Verlin



Good afternoon once again John Verlin with On-Demand Advertising Solutions

and Digital Marketing Update podcast.

Today I would like to talk about a topic that I think is really important because small businesses in general have a limited budget obviously for marketing and advertising and a lot do not recognize in my opinion,  the importance of not only social media but even an online presence a website, a Facebook business page, any type of presence.

And its most likely because a they may be a little older and have not been brought up with the Internet as readily–so they are more focused on building their business through connections local media meetings events things of that nature.

Well 20 years ago, let’s say you had a brick and mortar store and you would go in and buy newspaper ads, Direct Mail, and coupons. Have some in-store signage to register to win something or to get on their mailing list.

You know traditional media type of ways to bring customers in. And my gut instincts telling me just people I’ve met they’re kind of still operating

in that environment of how to build their business. Problem is the world’s changed. Everything’s changed. We’ve talked about this in previous podcasts but it’s all moving online.

It’s all moving to the digital mobile devices not all but a lot of course you’ve got every type of industry is panicking including clothing,  furniture, pharmaceuticals—all from Amazon which is an online platform.

So it stands to reason that we need to kind of wake up and pay attention to this to stay in business and not only that because customers, and this is the most important factor, customers are now going online and their behavior has changed because of new technologies.

The new thousand dollar Apple iPhone 10 is an example now how many people over the age of 40 are going to run out and buy one.

Well technically hey’re more fluent than anybody and they can afford it.  Now, will they buy that?

I don’t know but if they do they’re doing it for a reason.

It’s not necessarily just to be a techie and be cool but because they’re using it more in their everyday lives and we all are doing that with phones. 96% of the world has phones now.

Of course cellular phones–our behavior has changed over the years to searching and this one aspect has has changed everything when it comes to small business marketing.

Because you no longer have to pay attention to your customers in the neighborhood or even in the surrounding five 10-mile trade area. You’ve got to pay attention to the online presence and in my opinion a lot of small business owners haven’t even really given that much of a thought.

And if they’ve done that, they’ve done it in a very cheap manner. Well, that has to change because times have changed.

People’s behavior has changed and this is the crux of it–because of that behavioral change and their view of you whether you have a presence or not on the internet.

How that presence looks. Does it have any kind of weakness compared to your competition image-wise? Does it have broken links?

All of this online presence is really important from an image standpoint.

Forget the fact that there’s the back end reasons which I’ll mention here in a second. Just the image factor can make or break somebody wanting to do business with you you know.

Go ahead and Google I don’t know, whatever the business. Look them over kind of compare.

Say it’s a veterinarian or hardware store,  whatever is in your area nd where you live and just see how they look online. How they rank in the Google earch engine.

Are they way at the bottom?

Do they not even show up or do they have a presence up front on the front page? Those are the factors that are in the back of your mind.

You may not realize it but you’re adding up all those images, positioning all those factors to decide if you even want to take your time to call the phone number–much less drive over there.  Now think about that.

Probably your behavior is like that whether you know it or not.

Because we’re all changing because of that and because of smart phones and the capability to check businesses out before we waste our time and money.

Much less avoiding the brick and mortar altogether and just going online to Amazon and whatever you want.

I just did that today. before I’d go to a hardware store for this.

I bought it for five bucks on Amazon with free shipping in two days.  So that has changed everything. This is why, from a an online presence standpoint–small businesses and businesses in general,  I don’t care how big you are or how small you are it’s a level playing field as Steve Jobs said about the Internet.

You’re just as good as the next guy and they’re just as good as you. Well, you may have a unique product. But it doesn’t matter.

Competition is gonna jump all over that. I drive a Hyundai Sonata. I think it’s a 2012. Never had a Hyundai before. I really care for them. But guess what, they came up copying BMW Volvo,  Lexus,  Honda and put it all together and created a new brand.

With it’s free-flowing design. Now everybody is copying them.

It looks good after what four or five years I’ve owned it. But they copied some of the top-ranking automobile models out there and brands with individual little things that were cool.

The Lexus look of the back end perhaps or a BMW 5-series whatever. And they took the best of—put them together, redesigned it.

And still has a fairly hot selling car in the Sonata and other whole line. But that’s an example of change and how they copied a successful formula from other brands and created a whole new brand.

So this is why all of this is important because the constant change and the fact that competitors will be constantly changing and they will be recognized whether you are or not by your prospects. So that’s why this is important.

So I’m entitling this the importance of getting I guess I want to call it your brand recognized on multiple platforms on Google or just multiple platforms in general. And what do I mean by that? Well first of all a platform I’m defining that as LinkedIn,

Facebook,  Facebook business pages maybe even your neighborhood Facebook pages. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

These are all platforms and you can be on a Facebook business page but you’re missing out on other prospects viewing platforms.

For example, I got a text from a gentleman today on LinkedIn.

Now I’ve been on LinkedIn for a number of years. He recognized some things I was doing is interested in getting together and that was through that platform.

I didn’t get it through Facebook or Twitter it was through LinkedIn. But I’m engaged in all of those regularly.  Why? Because you never know where you’re gonna get your next lead, your next customer referral who can then link forward it to people they know and it’s like a chain reaction effect.

So the first reason you need to be on multiple platforms with your brand is to reach more targeted prospects that are using those platforms.

Okay, the second point I want to make is that by being found on multiple platforms, it’s easier for people to recognize you because they may be using various platforms and seeing your brand listed over and over and over.

When I was in radio–we called it a medium mix. You know you have a customer or client that might be using radio, TV, print and they’re targeting different demographics on different types of media or in this case platforms.

Because people might read the paper that morning, see their ad,  hear their ad on radio in the afternoon driving.

Then maybe get a direct mail or they’ve put under a paperweight.

But now they’ve heard it on radio going out that afternoon and remember the ad. The radio brought the ad o mind that’s sitting under a paper weight oh, I got to get over there and buy that. It’s on sale.

It all works together. There’s no bad.

All of these platforms and all marketing you do work together for the greater good. You have to have that medium mix, I’m gonna call it, approach.

So the second point is,  if you’re found on multiple platforms it’s easier for your brand to be found by having a mix of different platforms. And finally– I talked to a gentleman from Google the other day about this.

The Google algorithms  read all of those platforms.

So the more content and linking you have with any kind of content you have or posts on social media, Google’s going to rank you higher in the search engines because of those multiple platforms and multiple links between the platforms.

So those are three reasons you need to really consider using multiple platforms to get ranked higher on Google and get prospects to respond because they’re all using multiple platforms nowadays.

Or there’s a really good chance for it and John Verlin, you can reach me at Johnverlin12@att.net. or  ondemandadvertising solutions com.

Check out the website I’ll talk to you again next week


All podcasts are recorded by Verlin Studios / Gardner, Kansas

Copyright, John D. Verlin 2017

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