On Demand Advertising Solutions Blog: How Your Content Will Make You King, Podcast #35

So many business owners invest in marketing to stand out from competitors– yet overlook a proven concept that’s been around forever.

And that is content. Ever since paintings were drawn in caves, man has used content to create, educate and inspire.


Today’s podcast discusses three ways your creative content will make your business KING and rule over the competition!

It’s all a part of our three-part strategy to drive SEO and web traffic and make your business exceed the profile and exposure of your competitors with an extended marketing platform–the perfect compliment to a Google Adwords campaign!

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Marketing Your Business; How Your Content Will Make You King, Podcast #35!

Host: John D. Verlin


Good afternoon. John Verlin once again with On Demand Advertising Solutions, podcast #35.

And today I want to talk to you about three ways your content can make you king.

And the reason I want to do this—and we’ve talked about this in the past, about how important content is.

Recently I’ve talked to a number of business owners, to have been hesitant to invest in good content.

Whether they pay someone or do it themselves, or whatever.

Now, if you’re listening to this. This is content, ok? I’m going to give you three reasons today why this is so important in your business.

And content has been around since cavemen were painting pictures of animals on caves. They’ve used it to educate, to entertain, the enlighten, to give insights. To promote themselves. To position themselves. All of this is why content is important.

You may think, we’ll I’m just relying on word of mouth. I don’t really need a website, or I don’t need a blog, I don’t need any of these things. And if I do have them, I don’t really need content. Well, you really do.

Here’s three reasons why.

And if you’re looking for ways to build your business.

We’re in a digital world, whether you like it or not. The web are the way things are getting done today. Whether you use your phone to make purchases, or searches or whatever you’re doing.

This is what the web is doing today. And so this is why it’s so important to have this online presence we’ve talked about and why content plays into this so well.

Because it didn’t used to be this way. Think about it. You used to have a store, you used to have to advertise in the paper for a sale, or whatever you were doing. You may have given out business cards or brochures.

You’ve got all of that now and more as an opportunity on the web to promote yourself, to form images, to provide offers to get people to come by, to call—to do whatever you need them to do. You have the tools today.

Now the question is—A–are you going to invest the time and money to do this? One reason I like podcasts, and I’ve mentioned this before—and if you’re listening to this—you’re seeing what I’m talking about.

You don’t have to go find tons of content to make you stand out. Podcasting allows you to just wing it. Like I’m doing, sort of. I have notes and I’ve done this for quite a while.

It allows you to state who you are and come across to your listeners, who you really are—and they get to know you! See the difference?

If I write something, you kind of get to know me after a while—but you don’t get to hear the inflections, the pauses, the nuances. And that’s what podcasting does.

Now, the beauty of this is—this is content! Believe it or not. And this is why I do this with clients—because, #1—a lot of people aren’t doing it. They don’t think about it. This is an extension of my radio background. This is a natural.

I kept thinking, why aren’t more people doing this? They’re coming of age now. We’re seeing more and more podcasting. Video—all of that. I’t one reason why I’m including it in what I do for my clients.

It’s sort of cutting edge even, because not everybody is doing it. And with businesses, small businesses—they don’t even have a website.

So do you see that website—all of this is an extension of your business.

Whether you’re doing it online, or you have a brick and mortar business. Or whatever. And just look at Amazon and what they’re doing. They’e wiping out brick and mortar right and left on the web. Through their platform.

This is why all of this is so important. Ok, three ways your content and make you king—and make your business king.

First of all—it highlights your expertise. Your knowledge. Your credibility. Your believability.

Whether you’re doing it like I’m doing it, I’m doing that right now as we speak. I’m doing it through a podcast. I could write this out. Which I will do in transcribing. So I can get found on the web.

But you can do this to—whether it’s a video or a podcast—or whatever it is. This will highlight your expertise.

It will separate you from your competitors. How do I know that? Because they’re probably not doing podcasting.

They haven’t thought of it, they don’t want to take the time. They don’t know how to do it. That’s what I’m finding in businesses that I work with and talk to. They like the idea. It’s different.

You can do that or you can go search the web for written content—or write your own four thousand word blogpost every week. But I don’t want to do that.

I like to talk and I like to do it in this format to highlight expertise. And transcribe it so it’s in written form. And it gets searchable, searched on the web.

Which leads me to number two—your content will be searchable on the web! It will rank you! If you don’t believe me-just put out some every week.

Fifty-two weeks a year, you’re going to have fifty-two podcasts, fifty-two posts. Whatever you’re doing and guess what—all of that new content is going to be seen by Google and Bing, the search engines. And they’re going to rank it.

And don’t get bogged down on finding keywords, and doing all of that sort of thing. You can do that, and pay a lot of money for it. It’s not that necessary like it used to be. The algorithms have changed. They are looking for a good customer experience—Google is, for their customers.

That’s all you have to worry about. Give good content basically—it will get ranked.

So the second point is, you will be searchable on the web. It’s going to highlight your expertise and credibility against the competition.

The third one is—it’s part of your website, on a blog.

Now, if you put together a website for your business, you may have different, what do I want to call it, products, services. And that’s fine.

But once you list all of that—it’s sort of static. I mean, how many qualifications do you need as a hygenist? Once you’ve listed that—it’s right there on the web. And that’s content. But if you have a blog—and every week you post something new about yourself.

Like I—I talk about experiences about myself that I’ve had with clients. About chamber people I meet. Things I read. Things I hear and watch.

You can do that too. Share your experiences. Share your insights. All of that is content which will make a difference in you vs. your competitors.

See how that makes you stand out? But it’s also part of, in a blog format, your website.

And that is all something I’m going to call a mechanism, a promotional mechanism.

It allows other media, if you’re doing radio, TV, print, direct mail, email marketing, whatever you’re doing. It allows you to direct that back to your website.

Your’e giving them a reason to come there. It’s not just a coupon, this is content that they can see everything you’ve done. And that forms impressions.

Ok, and it’s something of value.

Your content should be something your prospects or customers are looking for or want to know about. Just like I’m doing write now.

If you’re listening to this—you’re doing exactly what I want you to do and why I’m doing it this way.

Because, I want you to come to my site, my blog, listen to my podcast.

And you probably know about it through something I sent on social media. Or a link somewhere. Or you were on my WordPress website and found a link to it.

Something intrigued you to want to find out more.

That, is what all content will do to make you king!

You’ll stand head and shoulders above your competition. Because a lot of them aren’t doing it. And how do I know that?

They don’t want to invest the money as I’ve mentioned or the time.

A lot of businesses, they don’t see value in this. You can get a high search ranking by buying tons of ads, but just putting out good content—it’s automatically going to happen.

It takes time—but it’s a great way to accomplish three or four things with one thing.

And make you stand out and make your content king. So try that. If you have questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

Once again, you can email me: johnverlin12@att.net or visit our website: www.OnDemandAdvertisingSolutions.com.

We’ll talk to you next week. Have a great week!

All podcasts are recorded by Verlin Studios / Gardner, Kansas

Copyright, John D. Verlin 2017

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