On Demand Advertising Solutions Blog: Seven Ways Your Business Can Change & Thrive Against The Competition, Podcast #34

When it comes to marketing your business, business is constantly changing. More so, in times of uncertainty–change is inevitable.

What can a business do to stay ahead of the game and grow?

Today, Podcast #34 discusses seven ways your business can overcome change and thrive against the competition.

The time is now to begin to prepare as the competition will waste no time.


It’s all a part of our three-part strategy to drive SEO and web traffic and make your business exceed the profile and exposure of your competitors with an extended marketing platform–the perfect compliment to a Google Adwords campaign!

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Now, enjoy the video podcast!

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Marketing Your Business; 6 Ways To Market Your Business Outside Of The Box, Podcast #34!

Host: John D. Verlin


Good afternoon. John Verlin once again with On Demand Advertising Solutions, podcast #34.

I want to start off today by talking to you briefly about a gentleman I talked to last week, who owns a business in the town I live in.

He said, “you know, John, we’ve been talking a little bit about what you do for your business, what you have to offer—and I’m interested”.

He said, “really, what you’re doing is complimentary to what I’m doing with Google Adwords.

“It reinforces what I’m trying to accomplish in search engine optimization, getting my name on lists, everything.”

And I said, “well, that’s a good point. Everything should be complimentary. Whatever you’re doing, radio, tv, print, email blasts, direct mail”. Whatever it is.

Particularly when it comes to content and your expertise—promoting that content and expertise. All of that should compliment one another, because that’s your marketing platform.

That’s the impressions that are formed when people visit your website or see you online. And when they bring up an ad in search in Google Adwords and get to your website. They’re going to see the different links, the different posts you’ve made on your blog.

The video’s, everything, all of that is going to agree with it and yes compliment the money you’re spending on Google.

Because now you have something to show them. It shows your value, shows your expertise. And shows how you’re in touch. And this all leads into what I want to talk about today.

A great post written by Martin Zwilling in Inc. Magazine at the end of September. Seven Ways Company’s Of Any Size Can Achieve Growth In Today’s Turbulent Market.

This could have been written twenty years ago—I mean when isn’t there a turbulent market?

He talks about some really great ideas that we have been talking about in these podcasts.

It goes right in line with what I’ve been trying to share with you about why these various elements about content and promotion are so important.

He’s basically saying that every opportunity today is global, and so is the competition.

How customer expectations are evolving and technology is changing, which is normal.

That has been the case, but it’s forcing companies from little ones to big ones to innovate quickly despite fear of change, uncertainty and doubt.

Evolving customer expectations and technology are forcing these changes.

There’s nothing we can do about it. We either lose customers or stay on top of things and gain them.

Basically we’ve got to capitalize on uncertainties in the market. Instread of letting these unknowns slow you down, get everybody on your team to make a commitment to respond quickly and effectively to these opportunities we’re now having.

He basically says seven things that are great.

Number one he says is embrace uncertainty and risk, rather than repeatibility.

Business have always been consistent to know their costs, their profits, everything.

They’re very consistent. But today, we have to have the ability to anticipate and adapt to change to beat competitors and excite customers.

Number two, he says is to get in sync with customers. How? By customer interaction. Seek direct customer feedback he says via social media and personal interactions rather than old market research.

Products and services should be updated continuously—not just a major annual upgrade. This is fast.

This is why all of this is so important. It’s why I’ve been emphasizing, if you’ve never done any content promotion or marketing or social media promotion—or social media interaction, you need to change with that and adapt.

Because, your methods of marketing have changed.

The print advertising you may have used to have done, or direct mail or email—all of that has changed.

Look at the postal service. You know, almost went out of business. What would that do to somebody who relied on direct mail? It forces you to change rapidly. Faster than your competitors, or they’re going to overtake you.

Number three—continually look outside for talent and technology.

We see that leveraging the capabilities outside of your organization can grow opportunities and reduce risk faster, rather than increasing risk.

Again, it’s keeping those antennas up and leveraging ideas and capabilities outside of your business. Because of these fast changes we’ve got to stay on top of things.

Number four he says, connect with and strengthen your customer ecosystem.

He suggests and talks about a lot of growth companies like Salesforce.com have leveraged value by hosting events and have their customers learn from each other, as well as channel partners and complementary host providers.

So, host events. Have, I guess—parties.

Whatever you feel to get your customers to share with one another.

To interact—and you’re hosting it.

You’re in front of your customers, which they’ll like—but you’re also providing a network—a means of education and learning. You’re the person behind it. And they’ll appreciate it. That’s part of the customer ecosystem.

Number five, create cross-functional teams to create opportunities.

This really is opening up the creativity of your employees. Enabling them to choose their own job, grant them leeway to get the work done.

They need that spark, particularly we’ve read a lot of stories about millennials and how to keep them involved.

This is part of the big thing. Giving them the tools to let their ideas jump out and expand, to get things done. To make them happy. It’s huge…it’s huge keeping your employees happy.

You can get learning, change—all of these things they can be involved with, and it gets them involved.

Number six, pursue growth opportunities outside of your comfort zone. Really, it’s learning new skills, make it a prime thing for every employee to learn a new skill.

Maybe it’s social media. Maybe it’s copywriting. Maybe it’s accounting. I don’t know, but whatever that is, let them cross-train, learn new skills, new talent. So they can be aware and on top of things to help you in this time of rapid change.

And finally he talks about, number seven—recognize the impact of trust on efficientcy and speed.

Take deliberate action to build trust. Be a personal role model. Encourage and develop healthy conflict, debate and dissent. The result is better discussions, more consensus and accelerated business growth.

And, show appreciation, on-going for each employees contributions. It’s huge.

They’ve got to trust you as a leader. But, how many times have you intervened in a brainstorming session? Or cut people off, not letting them finish their sentence?

Or not let them throw out their ideas? No idea is a bad idea. Not ridiculing what they say. Things like that?

You need to encourage debate. You need to encourage dissent and healthy conflict. That’s the only way to get new cutting edge ideas out and on the table. Because you’re allowing each individual persons’ values as well as their learning. And what they see.

It may only take one idea to change everything. And again, showing appreciation is huge. Whether it’s a weekly lunch, a gift card—whatever. That’s a huge thing. It’s a small price to pay to keep your employees happy.

And the objectives of these imperatives is to continuously stimulate fearless growth even in turbulent markets by staying more competitive, fostering innovation and dominating your space.

And…if you haven’t already done it, start.

That’s what I’ve been sharing with businesses I’ve talked to. People who have not only emailed me about these podcasts, but network events I’ve attended. It’s not too late to start, and it should’ve happened yesterday.

I had a prospect call me this week and I asked him, OK, what time frame are we talking about getting started and he said, “yesterday”.

I talked to him eight months ago and he didn’t have a website. This should have happened a year ago. Because of these turbulent times and how quick thiings can happen.

John Verlin, On Demand Advertising Solutions. Love to hear from you. Email: johnverlin12@att.net. Website: www.OnDemandAdvertisingSolutions.com.


All podcasts are recorded by Verlin Studios / Gardner, Kansas

Copyright, John D. Verlin 2017

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