Digital Marketing Update, Marketing Your Business; Is Your Business Ready For Voice-Enabled Shopping? Podcast #31

It’s the future of customer purchasing as foretold by Google, Amazon and Samsung.

In this video podcast, John Verlin discusses why an online presence is so critical for businesses to take advantage of voice recognition ordering–think Google Home and Alexa on Amazon Echo.

on-demand-advertising-solutions-newsletter-card-image1Getting listed in search engines with an online presence is more critical for service businesses on sites like Google My Business,, etc.

Without a web listing–voice recognition purchases will not be feasible as there will be no data for search engines to find your business.

Quality content can help you get found in the search engines as well as engage your customers and prospects.

It’s all a part of our three-part strategy to drive SEO and web traffic and make your business exceed the profile and exposure of your competitors.

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Now, enjoy the video podcast!

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Marketing Your Business; Is Your Business Ready For Voice Recognition Orders? Podcast #31

Host: John D. Verlin


Good afternoon, John Verlin with On Demand Advertising Solutions with another Digital Marketing Update, our 31st podcast.

I’m kind of excited about today’s topic. I noticed a post last week by a gentleman named John Swanciger, he’s the CEO of Manta.

I’m entitling this “Is Your Business Ready For Voice-Enabled Shopping?” It’s sort of he’s predicting the future. Because Walmart, Google and Amazon are changing the way we shop.

And he’s sort of defining what this will mean for small businesses. Or businesses in general.

In the past I’ve talked on various podcasts the importance of being searchable on Google and having a web presence.

And again, I’ve talked about too how a lot of small business owners aren’t really keen on
even having a website.

Well, what he’s talking about it’s pretty much where it’s all headed. And why you need to have not only a web presence, but a searchable presence that can be accessed through voice.

Three things he’s talking about. He’s saying that we have now and Google Home. These are voice assistants. Where you ask Siri about the weather. It’s all voice-enabled software but it’s getting better and better.

This is where it’s all headed with Amazon Echo, Google Home speakers, even Samsung is coming out with a home smart speaker.

Well, we’ll be ordering products by just saying, “Hey, Alexa—get me a plumber”.

You better hope your plumbing business is listed in the search engines to come up when I throw that out by my voice for Alexa to pick it up.

This is why an online presence is becoming more and more important for small businesses.

He goes on to talk about now how smartphones are pretty much everywhere. Touchscreen, keyboards not a great way because you have to input that in text.

But also the fact that if you’re driving hands free—it’s all moving towards voice-activated searches. And ordering through voice-activated.

Twenty percent he says of mobile searches on Google are now done through voice. I just recently got a new, actually older smartphone through a prepaid servce—and I just clicked on the Google mic and said, “hey Google, find me a pizza place”. And boom—five pizza places near me. Fast!

So, I’m already experiencing what he’s talking about just on my own little phone. In the past, he brings out that the voice recognition was limited by the accuracy of that software. Maybe seventy-five percent accurate.

I suppose Siri had issues. Or Google’s assistant had issues when you tried to say something they didn’t understand it.

Voice-enabled shopping is the next logial step. Don’t bother writing a grocery list he says, just shout out what you need and Alexa or Google will do the rest.

They’re getting better at recognizing voices. So, how can you as a business owner benefit from this?

The first thing he talks about is be familiar with the technology.

Start using Google Home or Amazon Echo so you can understand how that interface works. He suggest to start syncing your calendar to get voice reminders of appointments.

There’s a Rhino Fleet Tracking Skill to follow locations of drivers for deliveries. Or use Shopify Skill to track inventories and orders.

Again it’s voice recogntion technology that you can become familiar with. Now to use voice-enabled shopping, you need to become an Amazon Marketplace seller. This is for selling products.

Because listing your products on Amazon will give you access to Amazon’s consumer data and their distribution muscle. It’s also going to allow your customers to place orders with a simple verbal request on their Echo devices.

So, that’s why if you’re selling products in general, get listed on Amazon as a marketplace seller. Even with local businesses.

You can be listed on Amazon and people can vocally order. And they will recognize that local business for them to order.

You’re taking advantage of their data and their distribution.

Now, if you’re a service, like I am—plan to have your business listed on online directories used by the search engines.

For example, I am on Google My Business. There’s Bing Places, Foursquare, City Search, dozens more. I’m on Yellow Pages—

Consistently having this type of information, your name, address and phone number on these sites that you’re a local business, you’re legitimate and you’re alive.

And I brought this up a few podcasts ago about being listed in search engines and owning that first page.

Google My Business was one of the top things on my search that came up for my business. If you’re a service or you’re selling a product—whichever, make sure you’re listed on these directories.

These are used by the search engines. You may say, well, I really don’t need a web presence—well–it’s going in that direction—you really do.

Because, when this voice-enabled ordering takes place—you better be thankful you’re on that search engine and showing up, otherwise you’re going to be left in the cold.

And he talks about the future of shopping is ready to be “heard” .

He even suggested about how, in his family last Christmas season—all of them sat around talking to the Amazon Echo.

And every one from kids to grandparents knew how to use it. It’s intuitive.

You just blurt out whatever it is…tell jokes—whatever and it recognizes things. So it’s moving from computers and mobile devices to voice.

And completing a purchase he says from Amazon is as simple as saying a few words.

And that Walmart and Google are catching up with this. To stay competitive, you as a business owner need to pay attention to this trend.

This is what I’ve been talking about of where all of this is going through online searchable content to be listed highly on search engines.

It’s why we recommend a three-point strategy to be noticed locally but also in the search engines. Because it’s all part of the marketing platform.

John Verlin, On Demand Advertising Solutions.

I’m keeping it short today. I wanted to just cover this and we’ll be talking more about this technology as we move forward and how you can implement this into your business.

Great post, it’s in Inc. magazine for September 7th, 2017 and I hope you get some benefit from that.

If you’re not on the web—have a web presence. A simple website.

Mine is on WordPress. You can do a simple site on WordPress. I’d recommend going beyond just a Facebook business page.

But again, that’s great, but see where this trend is heading.

Pay attention to the trends. Because if you don’t, guess what? Your competition will! And they’ll be one notch ahead of you. And that’s why this is so important.

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Send me questions, comments, whatever—love to hear from you. And we’ll talk to you next week!

All podcasts are recorded by Verlin Studios / Gardner, Kansas

Copyright, John D. Verlin 2017

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