From the Blog: Using A Mascot To Promote Your Small Business Brand

Everyone loves a baby picture or pet picture (at least, that was our rationale). They grab attention almost immediately.

Just look at all of the pet video’s on Facebook and you’ll soon realize that there’s marketing gold with our pets.

dog panting gif

One of the main things a small business marketer does is test concepts, creative ideas and methods. Not always what your gut tells you works.

But in the beginning of launching our small business marketing firm, we knew pretty much that featuring either of my Ragdoll cats would probably be a smart move.

The world’s first bi-polar, two-headed cat. (Just kidding, they’re my Ragdolls, David & Jonathan).

Most businesses would be lucky to promote their logo to get memorable customer recognition. But many small businesses use pets, family members (kids) and such in their marketing and ads.

While not a fan of advertisers putting their inattentive kids in a TV commercial (too many times a novelty can get old), they can prove to be effective if used wisely.

Is having a small business mascot a good idea–or just something that mistakenly happens?

In the past, I’ve had clients that successfully did their own radio ads for many years–even though they sounded terrible. One client sounded like she was running out of breathe because she was so nervous–but people identified with her and it was one of her best.

And so it is with pets as mascots. As with any idea–it’s best to test. Pets can be a double-edged sword as well, in the event some prospects may hate dogs or cats–but the risk may be well worth it if used with discretion.

Particularly if used promoting your brand on social media. The images of the pet can be used to grab attention and highlight various aspects of your business–many times in creative fashion.

We first featured “Fluffy” in our fourth animated video promoting our three-part strategy for small business. In testing on Facebook, it scored very well so we thought we were on to something.

We began to experiment in promoting our strategy, podcasting, video and blogging platform services of our business.

We used the various pet pics sparingly throughout our social media posting schedule–and we did notice considerable improvement in likes, photo likes engagement.

two headed cat post
This post we named the “two-headed cat” post!

With most pet images–linking the copy to the image promoting the brand can be fun as well as effective as in these posts:

jonathan pics posts

Again, using with discretion over time I believe can be a good strategy. Maybe even mixing in other pics might prove effective as well–as they separate your business from the competition and are unique. Note this image of my mother in this post:

mother image post   IMG_1113

It’s all a part of separating your business and standing out, being unique. Mascot images are a perfect match for today’s social media and video promotion because they are different and grab attention if used with discretion.

We use “Fluffy” as our moniker in on our Facebook business page (which stays consistent to be a brand identifier):

facebook business page screenshot


So, for the future at least, we’ll continue to use Fluffy as a brand mascot as indeed he does provide, “a warm fuzzy” feeling!

Learn more about our strategy and services, and contact us for a free marketing consultation. 

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