From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #15, If Podcasting Is Good Enough For This Billionaire, It’s Good Enough For Me.

Podcasting itself is not new. Radio stations have recorded live shows and podcast them on their websites for years to draw digital listeners and web traffic.


Even today, you can hear great radio shows from the ’30’s and 40’s via podcasts on iTunes and other digital sources.

But when Virgin Atlantic founder, Sir Richard Branson posted a link on Linkedin about their latest podcast entrepreneur series–I took note.

virgin podcast screenshot

In a statement from their head of marketing:

“Virgin Atlantic believes that business is an epic adventure, and we wanted to bring that concept to life by sharing some of the most fascinating business stories out there,” said Jenna Lloyd, head of marketing, Virgin Atlantic, North America. “Podcasts have intrigued us for a while; we know it’s a format that resonates with many of our flyers, especially our business travellers, and one that would allow us to dive deep into intriguing pioneers and explore what we can all learn from their stories.”

That ability to “dive deep” is what allows podcasting to provide storytelling functions for small business advertisers.

Today’s podcast talks about this unique ability for podcasts to engage prospects emotionally with memorable moments!

We use a three-point strategy to help our clients determine from their customers the best content that can be the most useful in their industry.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

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If Podcasting Is Good Enough For This Billionaire It’s Good Enough For Me:
Podcast #15

Host: John D. Verlin


Good afternoon John Verlin again with On Demand Advertising Solutions another Digital Marketing Update podcast #15.

I was going to rant today..I posted this a few days ago on Facebook and Twitter, about what really pisses me off.

And I had it all planned out, even brought up a post from a former Navy Seal, was kind of going on about the same thing incorporate his thoughts into mine as well.

I’m going to hold off till next week on my rant. The reason is, there was a Linkedin post this morning that got me kind of excited…and it was from Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group. The founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic.Virgin airlines, owns a Virgin island.

I have an interesting connection with him, actually. My brother was the bass player of the rock and roll band, Shooting Star. Back in 1980 they were the first American band to sign to Virgin Records.

They were over in London and they were wondering why they were in London. They were actually there visiting a friend of ours that we grew up with. At any rate, so that’s my indirect connection to Richard Branson. Back in 1980, Virgin Records signed Shooting Star to a record deal, and they were the first American band to be signed.

Sir Richard had an exciting post that I thought was kind of cool. I put this on this blog so you can see a link to their site what I’m talking about.

By the way, if you haven’t followed me yet on Facebook, On Demand Advertising Solutions is the Facebook page. Go ahead and “like” me if you would please—and also on Twitter, my Twitter handle is johnverlin1. Go ahead if you like and follow me on Twitter.

I’m going to be putting a bunch of posts out, over the next month. All hours of the day and night. A little edgy—kind of fun. I’ll have some points about small business marketing. I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

Sir Richard put a post out about some of their new podcasts. I was really excited about that so I put this up.

They have a link, it’s Virgin Atlantic and it’s called the Venture. And they’ve got a series of podcasts for entrepreneurs and about entrepreneurs. They say for example, that behind every business maverick lies a colorful, grueling story. And they have some new podcasts

Their story, in which they are allowed to dive deep into the background of these people which is really what podcasting and can do that so great for marketing.

Because you can really get to know the company or in your case as a small business owner your customers your prospects can get to know you by getting this diving deep thing going on with a podcast.

And that’s why I love these.

Their head of marketing basically said that a podcast “we know it’s a format that resonates with many of our flyers especially our business travelers”. It allows us to dive deep into intriguing pioneers and explore what we can all learn from their stories.
And that’s what this is about. Content as podcasts that allow you to dive deep and share your company share your personality, your beliefs…be exposed. So that forms a pattern. That forms a bond.

So, it’s just a really cool thing that you can do this for your prospects, your customers and share your expertise just like these entrepreneurs with Sir Richard Branson. These maverick feature podcasts.

So podcasting can be many things. You can imagine if you’re flying and you’ve got five hours to fly, you can catch up on a lot of podcasts.

You can learn a lot, and so can your customers and prospects. It’s portable…I was listening to one the other day one of my own, on my phone as I’m sure many of you are doing now.

So it just gives you the flexibility that you can’t do as readily. You don’t even have to have your eyes open.

You could be listening to me right now and get all the nuances…as I talk softly or get high-pitched, or get all excited. That’s the beauty of a podcast.

I try to keep mine under 10 minutes because I know there are some people who have 30 minute to an hour-long podcast.I don’t mind doing that but I just think smaller segments are better because people can save those and can always go back and listen to them.

But it doesn’t take up a lot of time and we’re kind of short in today’s society for time.
People, they move on quickly.

And I’ve been entitled this podcast post: If podcasts are good enough for this billionaire, they’re good enough for me.

We’re seeing more of these. I noticed Bill O’Reilly, he was let go of Fox News…and he came back the next day with a podcast.

Sort of describing his situation as best he could. So, podcasting is becoming more and more, and in this case with this article, that they are intrigued by them at Virgin Atlantic.

And they should be because they were a record label. They started that way.
And it’s just that this portable ability to entice and engage your prospects and customer…every small business in my opinion, should take advantage of this.

I realize not a lot of marketing firms do this–and this is my background. My background was radio production, advertising and all of that. I understand they don’t have the time to do this and promote it, and that’s why they hire me.

If you have the ability or you know somebody who can do this—a series of podcasts, on-going, every week like I’m doing. Great idea. Great way to market your company. And that’s not going away.

Radio has been here forever, and radio station’s have been doing podcasting for years. You know they interview somebody, say check out our website, and you know they get a lot of traffic to their website. So it’s the exact same thing you can do for your business.

This is what I try to do for my clients.

Is provide that level of expertise that you know, you may have to go to a radio station or production company–pay a lot of money to get somebody to produce podcasts or interview you or whatever.

Or you may have to be running a radio schedule to even get this kind of exposure. But it’s well worth it in my opinion, because you can do a series of them, post them on your website, blog…promote them through video, on social media, however you want to do it.

And they’re always there to give content and engagement be able to learn more about you and see more about your business. So, podcasting, great idea.

I’ve got a link to Virgin Atlantic and their page about their podcasts for entrepreneurs that you can listen to.

You can obviously listen to this and and other podcasts that we have on our blog covering different topics.

If you have any questions, I’m at Like I said, if you haven’t gone to our Facebook page and “liked” us, please do so or our Twitter page and follow us. You can call us at 816-223-2105.

Our website is

We’ll look forward to seeing you again next week for another podcast! And I promise, I will be ranting next week about one thing that really pisses me off about small business that I think needs to be corrected! We’ll go into it more and a former Navy Seal agrees with me! We’ll tell you more about what he thinks too!

Hope you have a great week, and we’ll see you next week!

All podcasts recorded at Verlin Studios, Gardner, Kansas.

Copyright John D. Verlin, 2017

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