From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #14, The Power of Storytelling.


We all love to hear a good story. So does your prospects and customers!

Storytelling is one of the best marketing tools we have in our small business toolkit.

On Demand Advertising Solutions uses a three-point strategy to develop customer-based content that targets key issues they may be having and your answers/solutions to them.

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Now, enjoy the video podcast!


The Power of Storytelling.
Podcast #14

Host: John D. Verlin


Good afternoon, John Verlin with you with On Demand Advertising Solutions, Digital Marketing Update, podcast #14.

Boy, I tell you—I’ve had a lot of stuff going on this past week. I want to talk about four main things today, I wan to talk to you today about something…you remember when your grandfather used to say, “you know, I remember when I was a boy…your dad and I used to go down to the pond and blah, blah…”?

You’d sit there…you know, bedtime story…you’d listen to him and get enthralled when he’d talk about the frogs they heard, or catching a fish…or whatever it was they did, grandpa’s storytelling really stood out and you remember those things even as a grown up years later.

You recall back when your grandfather would tell you things. Storytelling is what I want to talk about today.

It’s kind of a culmination of a lot of things I picked up in my radio career. We would find as announcer’s or whatever, when you would interview people. Or when you’d personally share your experience.

With radio, people just like in the 1930s would huddle around that speaker—listening to every word that announcer was saying, that personality was saying.

And they would tell a story many times. And that story captivated the audience. They would tune in every day to listen to that program or whatever it is.

Well, these are some of the things we need to do as entrepreneurs with small businesses. To tell your story.

Storytelling is a really powerful technique that works across the board. But with podcasts like I’m doing now it’s even more intense because you get the emotion. You get the feeling, the nuances. So the power of a good story is really big in your marketing of your small business. And particularly when you’re brand new.

That’s what I’ve tried to share in a number of my podcasts, some of my experiences. One of the big things you need to do is talk about your “why”. Why are you in business? Why did you start your business? Maybe you made sweet rolls that you sold at state fairs. You may have had a lot of people buy them…well tell us about that.

Tell us about behind the scenes. Of what it was about your business or idea that got you going.

People love to hear a good story. I mentioned this in an earlier podcast about the “Harley and the Davidsons” feature that I watched on Amazon prime. I learned a lot about Harley in that six part series.

As a matter of fact—I was almost tempted to go out and buy one, although I didn’t. But I could see how someone might. Because I learned about their background. I even went online to read and watch some of the shows afterwards about how they made it. How they created early model of the Harley. They actually rebuilt them. That engaged me to want to learn more.

That’s what you want to do when you tell a good story about your business, is to talk about why you got into the business.

And be really honest about it too. And that’s what I found out as an announcer, a DJ on the air. If I messed up the info…people would call in…tease me, laugh. They enjoyed that. For some reason we identify with people when they mess up. The bloopers, that kind of thing. So be honest in your storytelling.

People want to know. We want to know what happened. We want to know what you went through. Everybody does and they identify with that. Really display this story…however you want to do it.

I do these on podcasts, it’s what we do for our clients. We encourage them to do podcast interviews. We bring these stories up and put them on their blog. That is content that we can drive traffic to through social media. Radio advertising, TV, magazine advertising, direct mail. Find out about how we did this or so and so. But all of this is content being picked up by the Google search engine. These podcasts…and then we promote it through these video’s through social media, Facebook, Twitter.

That combination is a one two punch…on top of the fact you’ve got the Google search engine. So, all of this works together. These marketing things work together. But if you tell a good story, and do this to show your expertise in various areas of your business…

Maybe it’s all about your first hire. You first produced that first product that fizzled. Of course we all love to hear the story of Apple and Steve Jobs going out there and getting his first sale. And have to fake that fact that he was working out of a garage. Having to get some of these computer guys to start selling his little circuit board.

Those are really engaging. We love to hear those. Storytelling can be a big part of your marketing. And it should be really because that’s the heart of what you’re all about.

Doing it with a podcast like this, to me is even more powerful because you get the emotion. It’s like doing a radio show as I’ve mentioned before.

So, the power of a good story, you can’t leave that out. It’s part of the DNA of your business. Customers need to know this. All of this good content will increase your ratings in the search engine. Allows you a platform as I’ve mentioned before..a marketing platform through your blog.

Think of it as your website is your storefront. Your blog are the sales people in the store. And the social media promotion are the sales people going out and grabbing customers and prospects in bringing them in.

And so, by bringing them into this blog…people are seeing this content and getting to hear these podcast stories so to speak, and they become believers in you.

They learn about you. They become emboldened to the brand. This is how you do it step by step. Bit by bit is telling a really good story and make sure as I’ve said before, you tell why you got in the business.

Deal in the various aspects of how you got started. Be honest about it. Put it up front and center. Let them know this is who you really are.

Because people today in social media, they demand transparency. This is one way of doing it. Even when you screw up, let them know what that is. “Yeah, I did such and such…I was so embarrassed. I ran out of inventory. We had to re-order. It shut us down.”

People want to know these things because they’re going through them. They want to know what you did to overcome them.

You should captivate your followers, your audience. People that come in on the social media to hear these podcasts. I’ve had a number of people retweet tweets I’ve put out about my podcasts. And I’m thankful for it. So if you have…I really appreciate that.

And you build an audience out. I don’t know how many people I’ve seen from other countries go to my podcast page, or my blog to listen to some podcasts. I had someone from Australia actually call me the other day.

So, you never know who you’re going to reach. This is how you can build your brand using podcasts for your content. Put them on your blog as I have done on my website and then promote them through social media.

Four killer ways to promote storytelling and really make it work for promoting your business. is my email and you can visit

If I can help you with your business. If you have questions or comments. My phone number is 816-223-2105 if you’d like to contact me. I’ll be glad to answer any questions.

This stuff is evolving. Just this past week, Facebook had their big annual meeting and they’re talking about virtual realty. Wearing glasses. We’ll no longer need a video monitor. Just look on the wall in 3-D or whatever.

As a matter of fact, they just announced Elon Musk has a new company…Neuro something…I can’t remember the exact name where they’ll have chips in your brain to do things telepathically. I made a joke about it about a month ago, and said, “yeah, one day we’ll be telecommuting…telepathy…whatever.

And here we go…there’s already a chip now. Elon Musk, apparently is doing this to help with brain malfunctions. At any rate, it’s exciting but a little scary. Welcome to a new world.

It’s great to talk with you. We’ll talk to you next week on another podcast from On Demand Advertising Solutions. Have a great day!

All podcasts recorded at Verlin Studios, Gardner, Kansas.

Copyright John D. Verlin, 2017

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