From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #12, Using Human Behaviors In Your Marketing.

For years marketers have always wanted to know what their customers want, need or think they need.


In today’s marketing world, artificial intelligence is expanding what we know about our customers (think Netflix or Amazon recommendations based on past purchases).

But it all boils down to understanding basic human needs. Today’s podcast discusses these psychological needs and how they may be applied to small business marketing.

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Using Human Behaviors In Your Marketing:

Podcast #12

Host: John D. Verlin


Good afternoon, John Verlin here with On Demand Advertising Solutions, with another Digital Marketing Update, this is podcast #12.

Behavioral psychology…when you think of that you kind of go back to Psych 101. I wanted to talk today about that, because this is something that helps us understand what our customers want. Providing that need, product or service—to fill that need.

But I’m just wanting to talk about the psychology behind what motivates consumers. What motivates all of us is really important.

John Rampton had a really good post in Entrepreneur magazine a week or so ago…he said that according to the American Psychological Association, behavioral psychology or “behaviorism” is the scientific study of psychology to measurable or observable behaviors.

And that’s really, when you think about it, how to use behaviors in your small business marketing. It’s really important to understand this so we can better tailor our marketing campaign. To see what will motivate our customers to buy.

This kind of goes back to Skinner, Watson, Pavlov…the Psych 101 class. The concept has been around a long time.

Darrell Kaplan, he’s the co- founder and CEO of HiQ, he says that when you understand human behavior, you improve your chances of making your business succeed. And that’s what this is all about.

He says there are six ways to do this. Tony Robbins also talks about whatever emotion you’re after, whatever vehicle you pursue—whether it’s running a business, getting married, etc. There are these six basic, universal needs that all of us have.

1. Certainty and comfort, is the assurance that you can avoid pain and have pleasure. Uncertainty of the unknown and fear of change and new stimuli.
2. Uncertainty and variety.
3. Significance—feeling unique and important, special and needed.
4. Love and connection—a strong feeling of closeness or union with someone.
5. Growth, an expansion or capacity and capability of understanding.
6. Contribution—a sense of service and healthy giving. Helping to support others.

Understanding these needs can lead to a lasting fulfillment. What motivates all of us.

Personalisation it makes people happy. These was a really neat study on this that involved waiters and mints. It was measuring the use of mints to increase restaurant tipping.

There were three control groups monitored.
The first group of waiters handed out mints with the check with no mention of the mints—just gave it to people when they got the check. The tips were increased by about 3% from the control group.

The second group, the waiters brought out two mints, separate from the check and pointed them out. The tips went up 13%.

The last group had waiters bring out mints after the check, then shortly afterwards, brought out another set up mints…and let the customers know they had brought out another set up mints just in case…and the tips were up 23%.

They concluded that this personalization aspect was what really set off the increased tips.

We’ve all heard about do unto others as you would have them do unto you…the Golden Rule. This whole idea of reciprocity is important too.

When you do for them…they will feel a response to want to do for you. According to Robert Caldini in his book, Psychology and the Art of Persuasion, he says that if you do something for another person, they will likely return the favor.

This idea of reciprocity of course can be employed in business. If you give away a branded mug or free 30 day trial, even saying thank you—can do a little bit towards keeping a customer. If you produce a novel experience.

People have a need for the unknown. According to research—the ability to predict rewards by inducing dopamine in the front and temporal lobes of the brain has shown that novelty activates the brain.

So being novel in our kind of like people who line up for an iphone who already have a perfectly good phone, they just want the latest features. A novel experience.

If we can give them that unique experience, people will want that.

You can’t always get what you want…if you limit supplies…They’ve done studies on this—different control groups and found that one group had a limited supply of something, that people wanted it more.

So really, it activates parts of the brain, these different needs that we have.

If we can find a way to tie our marketing into stimulating one of those six areas. That can help lead you to success.

Just wanted to point out these things, tell you about these six areas of what to be looking for as far as our basic human needs.

Certainty and comfort.
Uncertainty and variety—things we crave or want.
Love or connection.

Those are the six areas that if we can tap into those universal needs, we can positively affect consumer behavior. To have them do business with us.

It’s nothing brain-storming…it’s something to be reminded about. Because, when we do test advertising…test different types of advertising and the pitches we have. We need to remember what drives our emotions.

How can I tap into that and stimulate that dopemine to cause a desire? Or bring up a fear. A love connection or whatever. To build a customer loyalty base.

John Verlin, On Demand Advertising Solutions…email is


To learn more about our services…providing cartoon video and podcast content services to our customers, to help promote them and reach out in unique ways with their customer base and new prospects.

Be back again next week, have a great day!

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