From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #11, 5 Key Tips In Keeping Your Customers For Life (and away from the competition)!

Most small businesses fight to get new customers and invest big money in testing and refining marketing techniques.

The last thing they need is a flippant comment that makes them angry! With social media tools, angry customers can post ONE comment online–and it can cost a brand their business (think of groups boycotting a brand for political statements, etc).

In today’s video podcast–we discuss several key behaviors business owners must utilize to keep their customers happy–and away from the competition.

We’re in new territory as brick and mortar store give way to online shopping behemoths. Today’s customers are more savvy than ever and demand new ways to engage them.

At On Demand Advertising Solutions–our goal is to provide small business owners with tools, experience and knowledge in meeting their customers demands to insure business growth.

Our three-point strategy is designed to provide relevant content that comes from your customers–engaging them in creative ways to meet these new expectations.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

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Enjoy the video podcast!


5 Tips That Will Help Your Small Business Keep Customers For Life:

Podcast #11

Host: John D. Verlin


Good afternoon John Verlin with you On Demand Advertising Solutions with another Digital Marketing Update podcast.

I wanted to talk today about five key things–five key values that your business can use to get more customers. It’s from an article that Kenny Cline founder Jakk Solutions had in Inc. magazine last month, and reason I wanted to talk about it is he has some pretty good points you would think are common sense.

Because of today’s new digital technologies and expectations from customers with online sales and all that sort of thing it is something definitely worth repeating.

I actually was talking to a client about this several months ago.  We were talking about his marketing campaign how all this could tie in to benefit his customers and keep him up front and center in their minds.

Several things mentioned here–the first one is transparency.

He talks about a lot of buzz lately about how consumers want to know the background of the brand. They want to know the inner workings of  your products or services things like that.

That’s one reason I do this podcast. It’s sort of difficult to get behind the screen so to speak and get to know the personality of the owner or the leaders of the business and the products.

I recently saw a Amazon original called Harley-Davidson’s I’ve never been a Harley owner but I’ve known people who have been I thought was really interesting because I always wondered how the company got started, who  the owners were that kind of thing.

That’s really what this original series was about and you felt like you got to know them better. I know they’re gonna make sales from just from people being exposed to them but also getting to know them how they got started.

Another point that you think would go  hand-in-hand with that,  Mr. Cline talks about being honest.

This is something that you would think is obvious but you can’t misrepresent your brand or your product. Like the time you ordered something and it was a different color or whatever and you just thought you got ripped off.

You don’t have a good feeling for buying that–you’re not happy at all. You’re angry, just the opposite! So we need to be honest in our representations.

He also talked about empathy to customers.  Customers today want to feel more than a number and that’s why exceptional customer service, exceptional care of how we are being treated–basically can make or break the consumer relationship.  Matter fact, 68% of the customers will stop buying a brand,  due to poor customer service!

Think about that! They’re willing to pay more in remain brand loyal when they feel the brand delivers exceptional customer service.

Think about the last time you had an issue and you call customer service or chatted with someone…and it resulted and how good you felt.

I just had one recently.  I thought the issue was resolved, but it was passed down to somebody else–and I just gave upon it.

You know this so that empathy thing that’s important so we need to remember that because customers want to feel special but not just a number.  and the customer service we hear about it but it really is important I had a customer talk to years ago and we just talked about him

I had a customer one time–and we talked about a host so things, like sports, the weather, etc. And when we got done he said,  you know I really appreciate you being so open and sharing… I really feel like I know who I’m doing business with.

It made a big difference–it made my day!

Think about it.  It’s really important having a engaged conversation and of course it’s like they say, you know you treat one person well–they tell to another.

Another point that is  very important is consumer advocacy.

It really is utilized in sizing up the consumers needs and their pain points and providing real solutions to make a difference in their lives.

As example, a casket company gets called Willow and Worth and that instead of ripping people off with their emotions and buying a casket when a loved one died, offered lower-cost caskets.

They cut out the funeral directors, the middleman and it made people appreciate them as though they were fighting for the consumer.

Finally, ethical business practices.  You would think this would be a standard thing but Millennials today are really pushing this.

They want to know what kind of business practices  your business have,  more than just your financial gain. Do you support  workers rights,  invest in sustainability–inclusiveness when you’re hiring people with different backgrounds.  And if you fail to live up to that, they’ll  take their business elsewhere.

So these these values generate more more more customers and we have to be upfront.

Just getting to know you. And you have the tools, like this podcast for example. Customers can get to know you better, with videos and  things like that.  It really builds the brand even further. As I mentioned Harley Davidson,  and I never knew anything about the background of Harley-Davidson.

Now I do, and I was tempted to go buy one! I probably won’t but it shows the power that getting your business in front of your customers and let them get to know you from  behind-the-scenes.  You can do that with podcast videos  that communicate with them efficiently and quickly on social media. That is one of  the best ways to do it because it’s real-time.

So, those are some points from Inc. magazine that I wanted to share with you.

We incorporate some of the things  with social media. These are perfect platforms to be able to do this with your customer to engage that relationship–so keep these things in mind.

Next time we’ll talk more about some more ideas and things you can do to improve your communication with customers with social media.

This is another digital marketing update and if you need to get hold of me, or you can call me at 816-223-2105 or go to

You have a great day and we’ll talk to you next week!

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