From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Newsletter, April 2017!

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New Podcast Services Logos

After months of debating, we decided to go ahead and brand our Verlin Studios recording and production services with two new logos.

These will be used on our website, podcast blogposts, client presentations and marketing materials.

It’s all designed to better identify our association with the services we provide our clients.

Check it out here!

The Millennial Shift


There was a great article today in USA Today by author, Steve Strauss.

He discussed primarily what is going on today, not with just the advances of technology—and automation, those kinds of things—but we’re seeing it with the Baby Boomers getting older and the Millennials are coming to the fore.

They’re buying up the baby boomer businesses…starting their own businesses due to the economic shift.

Maybe not like they thought it was going to be, college and all of that—starting new businesses on the side. We really need to pay attention to what’s going on from a marketing standpoint.

It used to be that you had traditional media choices—but now you have all the digital options.

(From Podcast #4 blogpost. Listen to the whole show, here.)

At On Demand Advertising Solutions–our goal is to provide small business owners with tools, experience and knowledge in meeting their customers demands to insure business growth.

Our three-point strategy is designed to provide relevant content that comes from your customers–engaging them in creative ways to meet these new expectations.

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From the President


We’re happy to hear results that all of our customers receive as they implement our strategies for their business. Learn more about us!

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From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #10, How Solid Is Your Marketing Platform?

A house is only as solid as it’s foundation. When it comes to your small business, how solid is your small business marketing platform?

Too many small businesses neglect content and image of their website, social media pages and blogs–and that can affect brand perception!


Today’s video podcast discusses the importance a marketing platform has in relation to brand perception and your other marketing touch points (business cards, uniforms, marketing materials, etc).

Small business owners should never overlook how important their website, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages are as more prospects utilize their mobile devices to check them out before engaging the business.

You can listen to all of our strictly podcasts here.

Enjoy the video podcast!


On Demand Advertising Solutions uses a three-point strategy to develop customer-based content that targets key issues they may be having and your answers/solutions to them.

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How Solid is Your Marketing Platform?
Podcast #10

Host: John D. Verlin


Good afternoon, John Verlin again, On Demand Advertising Solutions, Digtial Marketing Update, Podcast #10.

I wanted to share with you today, a lady I met a few weeks ago at a chamber coffee. I want to follow up more about the marketing platform…why this is so important. And how solid this is for your business.

I want to kind of define that a little more, to give you a better idea of what I’m referring to.

A marketing platform is basically a combination of the things that represent you online, whether it’s your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, whatever platforms you’re using to promote yourself.

That’s pretty much what I’m when I talk about your marketing platform primarily. Now you’re going to have your customer touch points, like your business cards, uniform, any kind of direct mail pieces, anything outside of the online capability.

But primarily, I’m referring to an online platform. Because this is where people are going to end up at one point or another in doing business with you.

Whether it’s researching you, finding out where you are…communicating with you, getting your phone number, whatever. Finding reviews about your business. This is really, really critical because more and more people now are doing this. Prior to even driving two miles to get a bottle of milk, they’re checking out the supermarket perhaps, depending on the type of business it is.

At any rate, I wanted to point this out because if you’re a small business, be aware of this because it can make or break the fact you may or may not get new customers.

And you don’t know why this is happening, and it very well mean that your marketing platform is not very well built.

And that’s what I’m trying to do to help small businesses. How you can maximize the visits that you get to your website by having a good, solid platform.

Case in point—I was looking up an eye doctor And there was a practice with eight doctors. And the website looked good. Now I had heard about them, based on a referral. But I didn’t know anything about them.

And I had gone to them twenty years ago but they have a whole new group of doctors. When I checked them out online, they seemed to have good reviews. When I went to their blog, they had like four blog posts. And they were about a year a part.

Now that may not sound like a big deal. But I thought, you know—eight doctors and they can’t afford to hire someone to do blog posts? Or something?

That was my first impression. Whether that’s accurate or not, I have no idea. Cause I hadn’t even been there yet. But that’s what I’m talking about.

That was an impression. And we have a short window with which to make an impression in a customers mind before if they decide if they’re valid or not. Trust can also come into that. Do you trust them if you see that haven’t had blog posts, engagement so to speak with customers, comments, whatever that it.

That’s a brand perception. That’s why this is so important. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re a small shoe shop or a practice with eight physicians…you need to have a presence online that says, we are engaged with you, we are mindful of our online presence. We have invested in it because we want you to believe us.

Because that’s really your new scorecard whether we like it or not.

The other thing I wanted to point out, is that I met this woman at a chamber coffee…as I started to say. They repair cars—a car maintenance place. Actually a few miles from where I live.

I had seen them online occasionally on Twitter. And, you know I knew they were around, but I didn’t even see their building because they were behind some trees…and I never really stopped by.

I didn’t have a reason to actually because I wasn’t in need of an oil change or repair. But as we were talking at this chamber event, she ended up getting interviewed by the president for a new feature they were doing—five minute interview about chamber members, that they then posted on the chamber Facebook page.

When I talked to her afterwards I said, you know you did a really good and it’s a great idea of them doing this. To get video imaging of them on their Facebook page. It adds a lot of credibility. Being on the chamber Facebook page.

I told her what I did and she said, yeah—I know. But we aren’t that crazy about social media, and I understand that—it takes effort, but you’ve got to realize, that’s where your customers are in many cases.

We talked a little bit about how she can use this video…and things like that. I ended up going into their website, checked out, they had a blog—but again…there was some sparseness between blog posts…like six months to a year.

They had linked to that video from the chamber Facebook page which was great. I thought she could do a lot more than that by having a blog—or tying that video into their blog. Because they could add content to that which is searched by Google.

And you can promote people not just back to that website where the video is but they can see other content from the blog when you do promote it from the blog.

Great to get them back to your website, but the blog gives you flexibility on your platform to launch that link out so all sorts of media. And it all adds up in the Google search engines to be seen—because you can add written content to that. About what this is, what we talked about, etc.

Several days after I talked with her—I received a direct mail postcard from them, with coupons, etc.

That’s fine—they’re doing direct mail. That’s part of the overall branding. But my point is, after I saw this…I thought she’s got a gold mine with that video that the chamber did for her.

There is where your blog comes in, where you, you can post them on your website but the blog is an on-going platform. It’s almost like a mini-website. To add content to on a regular basis that the search engines will find, that you can use to promote through direct mail through anything really. To get people to learn specifics about your business.

And that’s why I like, whether it’s a podcast like this, or a video…a cartoon video, written content…you name it. They are an extension of your platform. They’re a vital part of it because they add so much credibility, creativity to your brand.

That’s why when people go to visit and they see blogpost after blogpost of not just cut and paste stuff, but this is original content. That’s why I like these podcasts because I not only put these on as a video podcasts for my clients—but I also transcribe it in writing so you can read it as well. This is all original. Everything that I’m saying is original content.

I’m not copying and pasting from anyone. And Google favors that. So that’s why these podcasts can be really powerful and your blog can be really powerful for videos and podcasts.

That’s kind of what I wanted to share with you. The stability and how solid your marketing platform is because you can add so much of this content to it to help promote you and form your brand perception.

My email is or visit my website:

We’ll see you next week and we’ll be talking about more digital content and how it can all enhance your brand perception!

 All podcasts are recorded at Verlin Studios / Gardner, Kansas

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From the Blog: Cartoon videos are a great way for your small business to get noticed!

Cartoon videos test well for promoting your small business!

On Demand Advertising Solutions

Ok, I must admit I wasn’t too crazy about the idea of using a cartoon video for my business.

After all, I’d be hearing about how video’s were becoming the rage on the internet with Youtube creating huge stars and their brands.

But after talking to a local businessman who had a national footprint for his business, I became convinced.

He had several dozen regular, lengthy video’s on Youtube and linked to his website. He tried doing a cartoon video (his marketing person said it took several months to create the one that tested well). He then tested it on Google adwords and other platforms, and he discovered that it pulled much better than many other videos did.


In fact–clients love how it can make them memorable and be seen very quickly via social media platforms in the news feeds.

One of On Demand Advertising Solutions favorite creations we produced…

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From the Blog: Small Business Worried That Business May Drop Off…?

In spite of the fact that the current economic and unemployment rate numbers are moving in a positive direction, owners of small businesses can no longer rest on their laurels.

chinese restaurant counter

Disruption in various industries due to policies, automation, AI, etc. are no guarantee of the one element that feeds most small businesses–jobs, and consumer spending.

These small business concerns have always been there–as most have a minimal marketing program at best.

A marketing platform that is easy to promote via social media and complimentary advertising can help target key prospects…on an on-going basis each month and leverage marketing momentum in downturns.

This is especially important if the competition ramps up marketing dollars in hopes of stealing share.

Several innovative methods that are discussed in our latest cartoon video can help ease the disruption by providing on-going traffic and brand perception to your targeted customers.

It’s all a part of our three-point strategy in building your marketing platform!

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy the animated video!

From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #11, 5 Key Tips In Keeping Your Customers For Life (and away from the competition)!

Most small businesses fight to get new customers and invest big money in testing and refining marketing techniques.

The last thing they need is a flippant comment that makes them angry! With social media tools, angry customers can post ONE comment online–and it can cost a brand their business (think of groups boycotting a brand for political statements, etc).

In today’s video podcast–we discuss several key behaviors business owners must utilize to keep their customers happy–and away from the competition.

We’re in new territory as brick and mortar store give way to online shopping behemoths. Today’s customers are more savvy than ever and demand new ways to engage them.

At On Demand Advertising Solutions–our goal is to provide small business owners with tools, experience and knowledge in meeting their customers demands to insure business growth.

Our three-point strategy is designed to provide relevant content that comes from your customers–engaging them in creative ways to meet these new expectations.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Listen to all of our strictly audio podcasts here!

Enjoy the video podcast!


5 Tips That Will Help Your Small Business Keep Customers For Life:

Podcast #11

Host: John D. Verlin


Good afternoon John Verlin with you On Demand Advertising Solutions with another Digital Marketing Update podcast.

I wanted to talk today about five key things–five key values that your business can use to get more customers. It’s from an article that Kenny Cline founder Jakk Solutions had in Inc. magazine last month, and reason I wanted to talk about it is he has some pretty good points you would think are common sense.

Because of today’s new digital technologies and expectations from customers with online sales and all that sort of thing it is something definitely worth repeating.

I actually was talking to a client about this several months ago.  We were talking about his marketing campaign how all this could tie in to benefit his customers and keep him up front and center in their minds.

Several things mentioned here–the first one is transparency.

He talks about a lot of buzz lately about how consumers want to know the background of the brand. They want to know the inner workings of  your products or services things like that.

That’s one reason I do this podcast. It’s sort of difficult to get behind the screen so to speak and get to know the personality of the owner or the leaders of the business and the products.

I recently saw a Amazon original called Harley-Davidson’s I’ve never been a Harley owner but I’ve known people who have been I thought was really interesting because I always wondered how the company got started, who  the owners were that kind of thing.

That’s really what this original series was about and you felt like you got to know them better. I know they’re gonna make sales from just from people being exposed to them but also getting to know them how they got started.

Another point that you think would go  hand-in-hand with that,  Mr. Cline talks about being honest.

This is something that you would think is obvious but you can’t misrepresent your brand or your product. Like the time you ordered something and it was a different color or whatever and you just thought you got ripped off.

You don’t have a good feeling for buying that–you’re not happy at all. You’re angry, just the opposite! So we need to be honest in our representations.

He also talked about empathy to customers.  Customers today want to feel more than a number and that’s why exceptional customer service, exceptional care of how we are being treated–basically can make or break the consumer relationship.  Matter fact, 68% of the customers will stop buying a brand,  due to poor customer service!

Think about that! They’re willing to pay more in remain brand loyal when they feel the brand delivers exceptional customer service.

Think about the last time you had an issue and you call customer service or chatted with someone…and it resulted and how good you felt.

I just had one recently.  I thought the issue was resolved, but it was passed down to somebody else–and I just gave upon it.

You know this so that empathy thing that’s important so we need to remember that because customers want to feel special but not just a number.  and the customer service we hear about it but it really is important I had a customer talk to years ago and we just talked about him

I had a customer one time–and we talked about a host so things, like sports, the weather, etc. And when we got done he said,  you know I really appreciate you being so open and sharing… I really feel like I know who I’m doing business with.

It made a big difference–it made my day!

Think about it.  It’s really important having a engaged conversation and of course it’s like they say, you know you treat one person well–they tell to another.

Another point that is  very important is consumer advocacy.

It really is utilized in sizing up the consumers needs and their pain points and providing real solutions to make a difference in their lives.

As example, a casket company gets called Willow and Worth and that instead of ripping people off with their emotions and buying a casket when a loved one died, offered lower-cost caskets.

They cut out the funeral directors, the middleman and it made people appreciate them as though they were fighting for the consumer.

Finally, ethical business practices.  You would think this would be a standard thing but Millennials today are really pushing this.

They want to know what kind of business practices  your business have,  more than just your financial gain. Do you support  workers rights,  invest in sustainability–inclusiveness when you’re hiring people with different backgrounds.  And if you fail to live up to that, they’ll  take their business elsewhere.

So these these values generate more more more customers and we have to be upfront.

Just getting to know you. And you have the tools, like this podcast for example. Customers can get to know you better, with videos and  things like that.  It really builds the brand even further. As I mentioned Harley Davidson,  and I never knew anything about the background of Harley-Davidson.

Now I do, and I was tempted to go buy one! I probably won’t but it shows the power that getting your business in front of your customers and let them get to know you from  behind-the-scenes.  You can do that with podcast videos  that communicate with them efficiently and quickly on social media. That is one of  the best ways to do it because it’s real-time.

So, those are some points from Inc. magazine that I wanted to share with you.

We incorporate some of the things  with social media. These are perfect platforms to be able to do this with your customer to engage that relationship–so keep these things in mind.

Next time we’ll talk more about some more ideas and things you can do to improve your communication with customers with social media.

This is another digital marketing update and if you need to get hold of me, or you can call me at 816-223-2105 or go to

You have a great day and we’ll talk to you next week!

From The Blog: Stop Wasting Your Valuable Time With Social Media, Blogging and Content Creation!

As much as all small business owners desire organization and efficiency, the last thing many want to tackle is creative content and social media marketing.

While they know it needs to be done–cranking out posts, blogs and tweets at 11pm isn’t very fun! Throw in the mix of school work, kids and household chores and it can be overwhelming!

woman at laptop.jpeg

That’s why On Demand Advertising Solutions was formed–to offer small business owners more time to themselves and family, knowing that a 34-year marketing professional would be creating innovative content and social media management!

It’s the results of our three-point strategy to help provide on-going marketing to develop and promote your marketing platform and brand perception.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy our latest cartoon video that we can create for your small business!

From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #9, Eight Tips to Promote Your Start Up!

This weeks’ podcast features some great tips on how to promote your new business on a shoestring!

Listen to all of our strictly the audio podcasts here!


Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy the video podcast!


Eight Marketing Tips for Startups:

Podcast #9

Host: John D. Verlin


Welcome to Digital Marketing Update, John Verlin here with On Demand Advertising Solutions.

Got a great bit of information here. From Entrepreneur magazine, a post by Derek Miller, about Eight Digital Marketing Tips for Boosting a Startup.

A lot of people who are starting new businesses…micro businesses, mom and pop type. Let’s face it—we’re on a shoestring.

He has some good points I’d like to elaborate on…using inexpensive ways to get your brand out—to get your name out there.

I have several clients that don’t even have websites. They have a Facebook business page—but we started with a blog linked to that. We build it out—and that’s why I call it a marketing platform. But he basically talks about utilizing social media.

It’s a great way to get your brand out there on a consistent basis. He talks about frequency and consistency. That goes back to my radio days, where we would tell advertisers, you don’t need thirty ads a week. Just to ten—maybe every other week. But do it all year long.

But keep consistency, because that will build repetition. Over and over and over that repetition—and that will build, however you want to do that.

Just be consistent with it—because it’s perception. Perception forms that reality. And keep in mind, it’s the customer you’re focused on—not you! A lot of brands use social media just to promote themselves.

My personal Twitter account that I use for my business—I actually just started because I knew I would be starting On Demand Advertising Solutions here in a couple of months.

I just started putting out content off of the web. Just things small businesses would like. I didn’t even have a website yet. I just started building that engine so to speak.

I just kept posting to Twitter and more than doubled the followers in a bout a month.

By the time I launched the website and started actually putting content on my blog—the podcasts, the cartoon video’s things like that, then I had people who were engaging because they became aware of me over time.

So, focus on the customer, their content—what their interests are. Gradually build in your brand.

It’s a gradual thing. Otherwise, you’ll turn people off. Engage with them. I’m talking even if they give you a negative comment, talk to them.

There’s a reason they’re doing it. Unless…and I’ve seen this happen. Somebody posts a comment on say your Facebook page…your business page. You respond and they come back with something more bland or mean.

I found that if you check out their Facebook page and find out who they are—if they don’t have it filled out, it could be, like I’ve seen some peoples—they’re just fraudulent so to speak.

They are just harassing you or are a competitor.

But at the minimum—get back with them please call this number—we’ll be glad to talk with you. If they don’t follow up on that or you have a chat option and they don’t follow up—they could be fraudulent.

Just trying to get face-time on your Facebook page! But do engage with them. When you do start testing. I test Facebook business ads on their platform. It’s frustrating I know. But once you have your platform build—your marketing platform, you’ve got something there with content and image that you can have grow organically.

When you do advertising investments—whatever it is…start out in baby steps and test—don’t just unload.

Do these little baby steps and gradually test different ads and different methods. Try a cartoon video, experiment with a still image of some sort linked to your website.

But once you test it and do it in baby steps…gradually and keep it consistent. You’ll find something that pulls those numbers, because we now have those platforms. We didn’t used to have them but we have them now.

I think on Facebook they call it pay to play. At any rate, do it in baby steps…with Linkedin, I believe they have premium services…Twitter, they do well with organic content—you can test on Twitter too.

And speaking of content…that’s still the main thing. You here that content is king—and that has been around for a long time. But that’s one reason I started doing podcasting for my clients and cartoon videos.

Because I told them that most people write long, boring pieces of content…and they cut and paste other peoples content. Which actually can get negatively scored by Google if you do to much of it.

I like doing podcasts like this—giving my take on the news , in this case on the web for small business. I like doing that and that’s why I like doing it for my clients. Because I get to interview them and we have fun doing this.

And then I transcribe this audio content and it’s unique, it’s our version of it. We put our own take on it, our own spin. There’s nothing new under the sun—ideas are there, it’s just how we use them and create content.

Think about your message…think about how is this going to help. I thought about this of how is this going to help people—particularly on a shoestring or a startup?

You may take one or two things away from this podcast, and suddenly you thought—oh, I didn’t know I could do that. That’s interesting. And then you can find cheap, creative content. There are sites like Elance, Craigslist or Fivver.

He talks about on Fivver you can do animated explainer videos. That’s pretty much the cartoon videos I talk about.

I love them because they’re short, memorable, something that you can create. There’s a learning curve. You gotta kind of get the hang of it and test them. But people can get what you’re all about in thirty to forty seconds.

They’re very effective I think. And he finally talks about optimizing internal pages for conversions. Like using free plugins to capture emails, you can use free tools like Google analytics to monitor visitor paths and referrals to your site. Optimizing forms on your site. I use a three part strategy page with a form on the bottom to have people sign up for a free newsletter. Of course, I also have my email and phone number so they can get in touch with me.

So, that’s pretty much what I wanted to talk about. Oh, and do outreach yourself. Start promoting it. Once you get this content developed, it’s all about self promotion through the social media or any channel you want.

You really have to take this thing by the horns and be consistent with it, be frequent with it and provide good content creatively.

Easier said than done. If I can help you, is my email. Website is:

We’ll look forward to talking to you soon with more content marketing ideas!

The latest blog posts, video’s and podcasts for small business owners with ideas to help your business succeed.

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