From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Newsletter, March 2017!

BONUS PACKAGEOn Demand Advertising Solutions Updates Microphone


We recently upgraded our podcast and voiceover/interview microphone to a Rhode NT USB condenser microphone that provides greater clarity and low range capabilities

This will provide our customers with a better sounding podcast result for their content.

This “studio” quality sound is one more way to differentiate your image from competitors and is why we want to insure utmost quality for our clients.

Podcasts That Rock!


When recording podcasts as content for your blog—keep in mind that they should be approximately eight-ten minutes in length with an open/close voiceover.

This gives the listener time to absorb what you have to say, yet not too long to bore them on all the details.

Remember—the podcast acts as “content” for the Google search engines to pick up, just like the written word. That is also why we create a Video Podcast for our clients on Youtube and provide a written “transcript” for each podcast blog post.

The podcast is positioned as a mini radio show and should feature a pic right above the mp3 for listeners to “see” what you look like. This is selling the sizzle of your knowledge and authority of your business.

It’s a Hollywood moment that has IMPACT in the mind of the customer.

Does your competition have a podcast? That alone can be the difference in the customer’s mind, subconsciously.

From the President


We’re happy to hear results that all of our customers receive as they implement our strategies for their business. Learn more about us!

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