From the Blog: Cartoon videos are a great way for your small business to get noticed!

Ok, I must admit I wasn’t too crazy about the idea of using a cartoon video for my business.

After all, I’d be hearing about how video’s were becoming the rage on the internet with Youtube creating huge stars and their brands.

But after talking to a local businessman who had a national footprint for his business, I became convinced.

He had several dozen regular, lengthy video’s on Youtube and linked to his website. He tried doing a cartoon video (his marketing person said it took several months to create the one that tested well). He then tested it on Google adwords and other platforms, and he discovered that it pulled much better than many other videos did.


In fact–clients love how it can make them memorable and be seen very quickly via social media platforms in the news feeds.

One of On Demand Advertising Solutions favorite creations we produced for our business is below and tested better than a plain, static picture ad on Facebook and Twitter.

This cartoon video promoted the fact that we create them for our clients. Notice how quickly it grabs your attention, focuses the message to small business owners about their marketing needs,  promotes the capability and follow up call to action. 


A cartoon video is just another tool in the arsenal of online capabilities we provide our clients with in getting measurable results, real fast!

The first step is our  three-point strategy to get customer feedback in creating and implementing our clients messaging.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy the “caught you looking” video below!

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