From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #7, Turning an angry prospect into a happy client!

Too many times in business, when we don’t have enough information our emotions can lash out at the most convenient target!

Be it partner, employee or business consultant!


It’s this lack of information that causes many small business owners to feel stymied in moving forward with their plans.

This is one reason On Demand Advertising Solutions created our three-point strategy to get accurate information upfront from our client’s customers to better design effective messaging before we implement them.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

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Enjoy the video podcast below!


Angry Prospect Turns into Happy Client:

Podcast #7

Host: John D. Verlin


I must have hit a nerve last week on the last podcast, about customer feedback. I’ve had like a 2000 percent increase in podcast listenership!

Greetings, welcome back. John Verlin with you On Demand Advertising Solutions, Digital Marketing Update. This is our 7th podcast.

Another reason why I love podcasts is that you have another platform that you can help leverage, market your services on and you get analytical and measurable results on.

Really wonderful to be able to do that—compared to thirty years ago when you didn’t have this capability.

I wanted to share a little story with you…is basically about a gentleman I met. I’m going to call him Bob. He has an equipment rental—well, let’s just say he has a small business. I met him through a woman at a chamber coffee—who I gave my business card to.

She somehow referred me—and he called me, and said he wanted to meet with me—to talk about how I might be able to help his small business.

I said sure…and we met. As he began to talk to me a little bit about it—we talked about what he had done…

He had a website. We went to it. It was not bad. He’d been in business ten years. But he couldn’t figure out why suddenly his print advertising wasn’t working like it used to. Of course, a lot of it now is online. I guess he was buying the print newspaper and they would match or coop that in the digital version.

So, as we talked about this—I asked to see his website. We went through it. I said, have you ever considered using a blog? He said, no—I don’t write much and I don’t really want to waste my time on that.

I said ok….have you ever done any social media? He really hadn’t to speak of. He didn’t have a Facebook business page, a Twitter account or a Linkedin account. It kind of reminded me of a chamber of commerce event I was at, several months ago, where a woman who did social media was speaking.

She did a little survey and asked everyone in the room—how many of you small business owners, have a website? Every hand went up. How many of you have a social media presence? Every hand went down.

And Bob reminded me of that typical profile of a small business owner. As we were talking—I said, OK, Bob, you haven’t put together a blog…you do no social media—or have a presence…you’ve just done print—and have done a little direct mail—which is difficult now a days since the post office almost went under. Their deliveries are down I guess.

As we were talking, he just seemed….you know John, I appreciate your time—but I really don’t see how you can help me.

I said—let me ask you something Bob. Have you seen my website? He said no. I said, so why did you call me?

The lady I talked to that gave me your card recommended you. She said you seemed very knowledgeable , etc.

So we went to my website. And I showed it to him. I said I want you to see this animated video that I’m doing for my business.

And he said…oh, OK. And I want you to see where I’m placing that on a blog I have. Oh, yea…OK, yea.

And I want you to see a podcast—and listen to this. And he listed to it—and yea…OK. But I don’t see how that can help me. I said, I want to show you something Bob. And we talked about a newsletter…we talked about surveying his customers. We talked about emails. And he was kind of clueless about a lot of this.

He didn’t really see why you do it, until I showed him how I’ve done it. And then, I showed him the podcast numbers. I showed him the spike in listenership. And then we went to my Twitter account. And then I showed him how I had been making Twitter posts for small business content—things like that.

Just retweeting them or occasional updates that I have done. Then I showed him the analytics from last month—I had over 500 profile visits to my Twitter account. And I showed it to him. I said, look at my Twitter profile. You see my company name, you see what I do…you see the link to my website.

He goes, wow…500 profile visits to your Twitter page? I said right. And the month before that, was 600. He said, really? I said, yea.

I said…well what do you think? He said…well, I’m impressed. He said, I didn’t know you could do that. I didn’t know much about that. I didn’t know about your podcasting…that’s kind of cool.

I said, guess what Bob? My website is not even posted yet. My Facebook business page isn’t posted yet. What you see is what I’ve been doing at random over the last month or two.

I haven’t really promoted myself much. I haven’t led anyone to a website to see what I do and this other content. He said, really?

He said, well—could you do something like that for me?

I said, Bob—what you have seen me do for me—I can replicate for you. He said, really? So what do you charge for this?

I said well here’s my rate card. I pulled out a sheet and showed him my rates. Social media…postings every week, per podcast production….per animated video…newsletter…survey…just broken down. And he kind of sat there with his mouth open.

He said…wow—you’re pretty expensive! I said Bob—I want you to take this home. Digest everything we’ve talked about. Make a few calls Call a couple of marketing firms. Let them know what you want to do. Then if you’re interested. Get back with me.

Nothing happened. The next day, about 4pm…I get a call. And it’s Bob. He said…hey John. I wanted to know if we could get together again and talk a little more about this. I might want to hiring you for your services.

I said fine. We met. We went over again what he wanted. He said…I want to do weekly posts on Facebook, Twitter….Linkedin….I want to do a cartoon video each week. I want you to put a blog together…for you to put that on it. He started rattling off things…and I said slow down…I’ve got to write all of this down.

We get done…and he says—I’ve just got one question for you. How can you….why are you—you’re like a third of what another marketing firm charges. How can you do this? You’re so cheap! I said Bob…ok, I’m semi-retired. It’s just me. I don’t have a staff. I don’t have a building. I just have knowledge and experience….and capabilities. That’s really what you’re buying with me. Isn’t it? He said, yeah.

And by the way—I told him. I expect to be paid on the first of each month, direct deposit into my checking account. He said, well—can we start out—maybe for three months. I said sure—we’ll do a three-month deal. I’ll show you the analytics and show you how it’s working for you.

And you know what Bob? What’s cool about this? The problem is—it’s not just that your print isn’t working well. If I go to your website…to research you before I come out to meet with you—if I need to lease equipment or whatever.

Your website is OK….but it doesn’t seem alive. It doesn’t have a presence. It’s an image problem. I don’t feel as good about you because it doesn’t seem complete. He said—yeah…ok. I said that’s what the difference is.

That’s what the blog will help with. Besides the fact we can promote content from it. That will make it appear that you are really knowledgeable and really engaged. Even though you are—because you’ve been in business ten years—if you don’t highlight that and promote it—people won’t know.

He said, well that makes sense. And I said you know the beauty of this is—worst case, you’re going to get more organic traffic from just people checking you out. And the more content we add…the more organic traffic that Google will show up through the search engines…because through that content we’ll be posting on your blog—that will optimize your site with fresh content.

Without having to go through a lot of time and effort. We’ll do this on a simple basis—and build it out and promote it. He said, that sounds great. Let’s do it.

So, he’s now a happy client. And I think that’s kind of a profile of a lot of small business owners .

They don’t have a complete package Because maybe they haven’t been told. Maybe it’s been so costly—they’re just, I can’t do this. And they’re scratching their heads…ok, my media I used before isn’t working as well. There’s more competition in the market. Things have changed. What can I do?

That’s what I’m here for. That’s what I shared with Bob…and I think he began to see the value in all of this because we can link the new digital media with the traditional media. To drive content and drive people to the website. To get them engaged…and get then to feel good perceptually about the business. is my email with questions or comments Website is .

I’m John Verlin. We’ll see you next week—I’m going to delve more into this podcasting thing and how they can really bring up your analytics. Not only on your blog—but wherever you post that podcast—like in my case. Have a great day!

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