From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #8, Advice from a Shark Tank investor worth $150 million!

If you had the opportunity to query a successful entrepreneur worth millions–what would you ask them?


As a little scary and nervous as you might feel, their answers might be worth there weight in gold.

But the below video podcast won’t cost you anything! It summarizes a great article I read recently featuring Shark Tank personality and startup investor, Robert Herjavec.

In it (as you will hear–spoiler alert) he discusses the need for a qualified marketing presence to promote your business while you get back to doing what you do best (his words, not mine) among several other important factors.


It’s another reason why On Demand Advertising Solutions created a three-part strategy to help our clients maximize their marketing (online and offline) investment with someone with years of experience.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

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Enjoy the video podcast!


Top 5 Marketing Tips from a Shark Tank Investor:

Podcast #8

Host: John D. Verlin


Good afternoon…welcome back. John Verlin with you—On Demand Advertising Solutions—our eighth podcast of Digital Marketing Update.

I told you last week I wanted to follow up a little bit on these podcast idea of using them—because you can integrate a lot of information into seven or eight minutes, and transcribe that onto a blog and you have written content that can work really well with the search engine.

I found a really good article last week in Entrepreneur. It was written by Kim Shandrow. She interviewed—and this is great. If you’ve ever wanted to ask a guy worth $150 million questions about your small business—this is probably the guy to ask.

Robert Herjavec—he’s one of the Shark Tank investors that you may recognize. He had an IT security firm that he sold for like $150 million.

He went from like three employees to 220. So the guy knows what he’s talking about. But he’s got in this Entrepreneur article—I thought I’d share this with you…because this information is right on target. And obviously, he knows what he’s talking about.

Five tips on how to market your business. This is the kind of stuff I try to share with clients I have and people I work with as well. Because, the more that I do this with people—I realize that they are kind of…they don’t know.

It’s changing every day. Facebook, Twitter, Google…Youtube—they’re all coming out with updates, new things to do, new ways to use them. So, you’ve got to stay on top of it to be relevant.

But, here’s five tips he talks about on marketing your business. Target your customers, where they hang out on social media.

And there’s a reason he says this. He invested in a fitness product start up—they basically were looking for people who did crossfit, gymnastics, things like that—and so they targeted a community of athletes—where they hung out on Facebook. And they engaged them. Sent information to them…possibly answering questions on a regular basis that engages that community.

I have a client that their board recently wanted results on some of the Twitter and Facebook things we had been doing. We were able to tell them…last month, we had 550 people go to their Twitter page—which tells about their business, it has their phone number and link to their website.

That’s 550 people that we had been engaged with on social media…on their Twitter account that they didn’t have yet. And how important that is. Now you can buy ads…but this is ongoing engagement. Everyday posting targeted content.

Visuals, things like that. This gentleman knows about it because he’s been very successful with it. Another tip he has here that I thought was kind of cool—don’t be afraid to sell online. If you’ve got a product that you want to sell online he says, don’t be afraid to do it—but make it simple.

People put things in their shopping cart and just give up because it’s too bothersome, too cumbersome. A lot of people maybe afraid to buy something online—but more and more people are doing it. We’re all doing it. So if you have that capability—it’s probably well worth offering your product online. In addition to other ways you do, because you can use social media to draw prospects to your online store so to speak to make sales. So that can work very well.

Another thing he talked about and this may sound contrary to podcasting, but use stunning imagery to grab the customers attention. I like using looks—like eyes…or pets…or babies…things like that. Those will grab attention—however you use that. It all goes hand in hand with a podcast, blogging, things like that.

The social media—it goes hand in hand and works together. You’re using the different type of senses…audio, visual, striking imagery…sounds, whatever to drive content. Because you gave customers an option on how they want to respond to what you’re doing.

He also says—market to your customers how they like to be marketed to. It’s really interesting that—you got to realize that there are various search engine firms that recommend white pages…to optimize your website…they could be a thousand to three thousand word articles.

But also realize—you don’t have a lot of time sometimes. I personally prefer the shorter the better—because I know from my radio background—people give you thirty seconds to a minute maybe. You need to get their attention and they move on. Because we get so much information thrown at us. It really can get overwhelming.

And finally—and he also talks about—bides social media updates—maybe they prefer an e-newsletter…or text notifications or an email every month—these are things I talk about with my clients also, to kind of mix and match various ways to engage the website and perception of the brand. And just staying in touch with people. Because you’ll gradually build those prospects and customers—and it’s critical to stay in touch with them. And this is a perfect way to do it.

Finally, he says hire a marketing agency so that you can do more of what you love. Now, obviously I’m partial to that—and clients I work with—they kind of come to that conclusion when we get engaged in the first complimentary meeting.

When they find out how much we have to do—they kind of realize how overwhelming…but he basically says–”outsourcing your marketing dedicated to taking your brand awareness to the next level, frees you up to get back to business. And if you don’t have a marketing budget to hire a firm, partner with someone you trust who has successfully marketed their own business.”

Whatever you do he says—don’t take the whole thing on yourself because you don’t have the experience to back it up—you just may be wasting your time. So either hire someone or if you know a business owner that’s been successful—if they’re willing to share their techniques…their secrets with you…great!

That’s hard to get though! I know. I’ve had clients that made me swear—don’t tell anybody what I’m doing! It’s hard to do that when you’ve made the investment to share that secret—but if you know somebody that’s been successful a lot of times you can use that knowledge if they’re willing to share that with you to use it for your own small business.

John Verlin here—wrapping this podcast #8 up—you can contact me with questions or comments, or visit my website:

That’s it for today—we’ll be back next week with a podcast—have a wonderful day!

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