From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #6, Utilizing customer feedback!


At the heart of every small business is the desire to get “inside” our customer’s heads and learn what motivates them, why they do business with us and how we can continue providing products and services–and experiences they cherish.

This is a key focus for Artificial Intelligence that is being developed by top digital brands.

It’s learning this feedback that On Demand Advertising Solutions created a three-point strategy with Customer Feedback being the first point.

This podcast discusses how to obtain and utilize customer feedback not only for promoting new products and services but in marketing your small business. 


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Now, enjoy the video podcast!

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Podcast #6

HOST: John D. Verlin


Well, welcome to Digital Marketing Update—from On Demand Advertising Solutions…John Verlin here.

Today I want to talk about customer feedback…and why this is so important. Not just for knowing your customer, but how to use that feedback to help market your small business to help it grow.

Now, if you were to think about for example—and when you buy something and they have you rate it—one of five stars or whatever, suddenly you see some recommendations show up on your computer or page, based on what your past purchases were.

Or even Netflix—based on previous movies you’ve watched in the past. They show you what you might be interested in.

They’re using data—they’re getting inside your head—based on what your interest levels are on products and experiences. And that’s kind of what I want to talk about—how to do that for small businesses.

They have the big analytics and algorithms all working for them to glean this data from customers—and it’s critical.

This is the golden calf so to speak of any kind of small business—to get to know what’s in your customers head…and that’s true of any business.

I think about Coke, when they changed their original formula after a hundred years–and customers fight back. Sales went down…that’s an extreme example of what can happen if we don’t guess right about what our customers want. But there are other ways to use this data to market your business, which I want to talk about today.

First of all—customer feedback, a number of ways to get it. Let me go through this and then I’ll explain why this is important and how you can use this. A number of ways to collect it—obviously you can—if you have a retail establishment—you can talk to the customer when they come to buy.

Just kind of curious—why did you come in? What do you like about us? Just to purchase this….Are there any other types of products you want to see? Quick little questions on the way out the door. We’re just sampling. And that’s what we’re trying to do is get a sample of your customers to find out some answers.

Maybe you get one big idea—or one main thing that makes a difference. Now, when you do this—whenever you do this—you’re opening the door for criticism. And customers will definitely take advantage of that. They may actually ignore you’re request and just start going in to what they don’t like about something. Well that’s information too. What’s important to them. What they don’t like is as important as what they do like.

You can make corrections along the way to make sure you keep your customers happy. Some different ways to collect this information…not only talk to them directly as they walk in—if you have a database, send out an email requesting quick answers for a few key questions. Or maybe just one main question.

What’s the one thing about our business you want to know most about? Or our product or whatever. You send out 500 of those—you may get 100 back. You may get 50…you may get some smart aleck answers.

But that’s ok—we’re looking for a pattern here of specific answers—what’s important to them, to try to get in their head. That the either like or don’t like as far as a pattern. We want to see that, because we want to answer that for future.

It will also help us get direction for new products or new services we might want to consider offering.

A bank I worked for one time had a lot of people open checking accounts—and said they were glad we did checking—but when were we going to do payroll services? That came up a lot—so guess what—they’d began thinking about offering payroll services

It was all gleaned from people’s feedback—calling in, or in chat or in emails. Customer emails you can send out, you can do a customer survey.

This is what we do for our clients—a lot of customer surveys. We collect those from a database of their customers and data that’s gleaned from that. Specific answers to those questions that eventually may make it onto the fact page of the website.

Here’s facts about us and most asked questions about our business that these answers can be inserted into that page to expand that at a future date.

You can also obviously…any kind of personalization. Maybe a post card like direct mail…or you do a personal email. That’s great too. Survey’s are great. Again, you’re going to get a percent back. Some will answer you seriously, others may not.

And we’re really trying to inquire about their attitudes—anything that’s critical in their experience with you. Their habits past and future.

This is what I try to do with my clients is put together a survey questionaire that are going to measure these things I a round about way so we can glean from this.

Using social media—we call it using social listening. We want to find if anybody is responding. Many small businesses may not have a social media program. Well, this is another good reason why having one can be helpful is because you’ll get feedback from social media. I can’t get into my account.

When are you open? You want to respond to those quickly—you want to respond to any comments. Whether it’s via email, social media or on your website. Chat or calling in…call then quickly.

Because that’s a perception—because they will either see you care or you don’t care. That’s a critical thing. That feedback. How quickly you can get it to them.

Another way to do this….when you set up your website—have a comment form at the bottom of each page. If you have any comments or questions—please enter here. And anything from the website, you can monitor when people go on—anything you can glean from that.

Why is that important? Well, in a nutshell and I’ll continue this in another podcast to go a little deeper..we want to find the most common questions people have about your business.

What’s important to them, then we’re going to use their questions and answer them as content for your blog. And we’re going to do it in podcasting—like I’m doing now. Perhaps cartoon videos or a video. And we’re going to post that content for each of those questions on separate blog posts.

Which we then will be able to promote via our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, whatever platform that you’re going to use that will hit your target. This is why this is important.

It’s not just getting good feedback for product and service offerings—and helping customers have a better experience with you. It’s to use that as bullet—pain points. To answer to help and market your business.

When people go to your blog and they see five great ways that they can use your service or product—and this is gleaned from your database. Wow—that’s going to get attention and hit the hot button. That’s what this is about. It’s turning that around and using it as content in answering that question or those questions.

You may end up having a blogpost with 50 questions or 100 questions for different times in answering your customer. They’re pain bullets and hot buttons that will gain other people who have the same questions that are visiting your site may find it’s really valuable to them.

That’s customer feedback and why it’s important—experiencing your website, products and services but also utilizing that as content to help promote on the social media and any other medium you might use that is suitable

Next time, we’re going to talk more about this and other ways we can help promote this and why this content is so important. Email me at or visit my website:

We’ll see you next time!

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