From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #1, John D. Verlin’s background.

Learn about John D. Verlin, the founder of On Demand Advertising Solutions background in his first Digital Marketing Update podcast–designed to not only inform you–but demonstrate how his podcast specialties can help your small business grow!


He has put them together as a video to view while you listen–and also to show how posting them on Youtube will help your small business drive traffic from the second largest search engine in the world (owned by Google)!

You can also listen to all of his podcasts in strictly audio form, here!

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy the podcast!



Podcast #1

HOST: John D. Verlin


I want to welcome everyone today to the inagural podcast of On Demand Advertising Solutions, Digital Marketing Update—podcast number one.
My name is John Verlin, I’m president of the firm. And I thought I’d start out our first podcast, talking a little bit about my background and why I got into the content marketing and digital marketing arena.

So you can get a better idea of what I can offer your small business. My background basically is I started out as a copywriter for a radio station and I ended up getting into advertising sales.

I was with a classical station in the Kansas City market. I wrote and produced literally hundreds of radio ads for small businesses.

And for thirty two years I worked with classical, smooth jazz and newsradio stations. And have worked with literally hundreds of small business owners—in helping them with their advertising.

So much so, that from a scriptwriting, sales and production background, many of them asked me to be like their mini-ad agency—and they would consult with me not only about radio but other media.

So, I got to know small businesses really well. And I myself am a small business. What I’m able to offer small business owners, primarily in the Kansas City market—are the capabilities to do production, social media—to do cartoon videos, podcasts—things that maybe other agencies or firms do not do or they’re too expensive.

When I started in radio advertising, this whole concept of things like websites were kind of a luxury. A lot of small businesses, primarily brick and mortar—didn’t really need one. Even today—there may be small businesses that don’t even have a Facebook business page.

Probably most have a website—but I want you to consider why this is so important. Today, if you were to look up a veterinarian for example—and you were to search for them on Google. And you found one and clicked it on—maybe five miles from your house. And if the website wasn’t completed—or there were some broken links—what kind of perception would that form in your mind about that vet?

How comfortable would you be taking your pet to them? And that’s why this has become really important. Because, most small businesses in my experience don’t need thousands of results. You don’t need to be number one in the search engine. All lot of times, digital marketing firms focus on search engine optimization, which is important—but it’s not the end of all things to be number one in the search engine.

Because—again–your website forms a perception. I call it a marketing platform and a brand perception. Those two things are so important for a small business. Not just being ranked number one in a search engine.

I want to be able to step in and help small businesses create that marketing platform. Through techniques and elements I know are effective because I use them myself. I test them myself.

And I’m basing my perceptions and my recommendations on working with small businesses over the years and seeing what does and doesn’t work. They’ve done the testing—they’ve invested the money—and I want to be able to share those things with my clients.

So that’s my purpose in doing what I’m doing. Podcasts are a part of that—and i’ll be doing more podcasts that you’ll be able to listen to them and try to glean some information from them, as well blogging, cartoon video’s…these are some techniques that I know can get results.
And you don’t need—as far as most small businesses I’ve talked to…they don’t need a thousand people a month. If they can get ten to twenty new customers or clients—that’s what is important.

I understand and I get that. So that’s what I want to be able to offer small businesses are the capabilities to create content, produce it creatively and implement it, track it and be able to bring results. And have it be cost-effective. That’s my purpose in this business.

Part of this comes back from the production elements I’ve worked with small businesses over the years. A lot of ad agencies and marketing firms don’t have really good content and creative writing. But that is really important. And being able to come up with creative concepts is important too…because every business is different.

One client may not need one thing…but another one does. And being able to see the whole picture is really important. So that’s my background. If I can help your small business…feel free to visit my website:, call at 816-223-2105. You can also email me at

I also have a form you can fill out to sign up for our monthly Digital Marketing Update newsletter. I’ll be glad to send you. It’s going to be discussing a lot of these ideas. Things to help build your marketing platform and build your perception. Because that’s critical.

Again, my name is John Verlin, On Demand Advertising Solutions…let me know if I can help you—and feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have We’ll be answering questions from the digital mail so to speak.



Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!



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