From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Newsletter, March 2017!

BONUS PACKAGEOn Demand Advertising Solutions Updates Microphone


We recently upgraded our podcast and voiceover/interview microphone to a Rhode NT USB condenser microphone that provides greater clarity and low range capabilities

This will provide our customers with a better sounding podcast result for their content.

This “studio” quality sound is one more way to differentiate your image from competitors and is why we want to insure utmost quality for our clients.

Podcasts That Rock!


When recording podcasts as content for your blog—keep in mind that they should be approximately eight-ten minutes in length with an open/close voiceover.

This gives the listener time to absorb what you have to say, yet not too long to bore them on all the details.

Remember—the podcast acts as “content” for the Google search engines to pick up, just like the written word. That is also why we create a Video Podcast for our clients on Youtube and provide a written “transcript” for each podcast blog post.

The podcast is positioned as a mini radio show and should feature a pic right above the mp3 for listeners to “see” what you look like. This is selling the sizzle of your knowledge and authority of your business.

It’s a Hollywood moment that has IMPACT in the mind of the customer.

Does your competition have a podcast? That alone can be the difference in the customer’s mind, subconsciously.

From the President


We’re happy to hear results that all of our customers receive as they implement our strategies for their business. Learn more about us!

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From the Blog: How do we know Social Media works for small business? It’s all Relative!


Our Small Business Market Background, Strategy, Services and Pricing 

For many small business owners, understanding and utilizing digital elements and social media can be time consuming and frustrating.

More importantly, we want results and we want them now!

This post will demonstrate how we can measure results via the analytics of both Facebook and Twitter.

Both of these digital platforms–in addition to perhaps Linkedin are the current social media drivers to promote your marketing brand platform.

These posts of content will allow your business to engage customers and prospects, direct them to your website and provide a brand perception online and in your other marketing efforts.

But it will take time to develop these engagements as will they grow organically for search engines to discover.


When you review options for marketing today–it is really a layered combination of marketing platform (website) image and function, social media outreach (which engages and promotes image) and other marketing venues like email, TV, print, etc.

It’s all relative for the investment and ROI.

What used to be effective with cable TV…is now so segmented it’s difficult to reach enough people engaged with programming.

The same is true with TV and in some cases radio (although it’s always been segmented due to station programming) print, newspapers, etc.


We live in a digital world that gives us the freedom to measure results which advertisers begged for just a decade ago. It’s all accessible on phones, tablets and laptops wherever we may be at a moments notice.

Below are some measurable results from my own Facebook and Twitter accounts which are less than 60 days old.

You can see a breakout of the past 28 days for both platforms.

For example, having started a Facebook business page for On Demand Advertising Solutions less than 60 days ago–and making 3-4 content posts per week, over the past 28 days, we saw the following (I was also testing various cartoon video and static Facebook ads for less than $20 each).

There were 17 page views, 8 likes, 1,022 post engagements and 215 video views.

The goal of Facebook is to get people to “like” your page so that they’re added to your viewer/engagement database so to speak.

Whenever you post content after that–they will be exposed to it:


In evaluating these numbers…one must realize that I had just started posting a little over a month earlier. I have spent less than $20 so far in testing various paid ads.

This page was started from scratch and currently has 48 “likes”. It will continue to grow each month.

As far as ROI–my goal is to get 4 new clients this year. If I get more–so be it, although it could get hard to manage and I’d have to hire someone.

For my Twitter account over the pat 28 days–I posted 81 Tweets, impressions of the Tweets were up 89% over the previous month (the account is less than 90 days old), there were 236 profile visits to my Twitter page, 8 mentions and 44 new followers:


Now, let’s compare our results to one of our clients.

Here are the past 28 day analytics on their Facebook page. For 3-4 posts per week, they had 39 page views, 78 post engagements and 24 “likes”.


On their Twitter page (past 28 days)–their primary driver for social media reveals 701 Twitter profile visits (up 53% over previous month), 9 mentions and 42 new followers.



What’s more–this client also spends in excess of $100k/year on a Google Adwords campaign that also sends prospects to their website.

I ask you–how many small businesses have $100k to spend each year? And yet–this client sees the value in using both Facebook and Twitter to supplement their investment and build/promote their marketing platform. 

I repeat–it’s all RELATIVE to what channels you have to work with, your business goals and the overall investment you’re willing to make.

These results were achieved strictly through daily/weekly content media posts (without any Facebook or Twitter ads).

The main question most small business owners have to answer is how much time and effort can they afford to use in building out their marketing platform with social media?

Would it be better to hire a full-time employee and have them trained (all people have to be trained on social media as it is constantly changing). Or is it better to freelance to an experienced marketer?

Finding good content, preparing effective content, monitoring feeds with relevant content for your target customer and posting it each week is an on-going challenge for any business owner.


Over the past several years, we’ve witnessed the power of social media in uprisings, protests, marches and elections.

There is no longer any doubt as to the necessity for small businesses to be engaged via social media channels. That is where your prospects and customers will be expecting you! From product reviews to questions or complaints, social media plays a role that small businesses can no longer ignore.

Case in point, have you ever read a negative review on a Facebook post about a business you patronized? How did it make you feel?

One negative review can spread rapidly on social media. It’s that important!

At On Demand Advertising Solutions, we strive to provide valuable, creative and innovative content and effective customer engagement for our clients.

This, in the end is what our clients want, need and expect to help grow their businesses.

We have developed a three-point strategy to help our clients achieve cost-effective results–knowing their limitations and expectations.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

From the Blog: Frustrated with your small business growth? Discover an innovative strategy!

Small business owners have a difficult time building a business and adjusting to the new digital media channels, networking, traditional media and staying on top of the competition.

What’s needed is a simple, cost-effective strategy that is measurable and effective.

On Demand Advertising Solutions have developed a three-point strategy that can be implemented to create an engaged marketing platform–and promoted via social media or traditional channels (TV, radio, print, etc).

It’s all designed to produce measurable results, real fast!


Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy our strategy cartoon video below!

From the Blog: Cartoon videos are a great way for your small business to get noticed!

Ok, I must admit I wasn’t too crazy about the idea of using a cartoon video for my business.

After all, I’d be hearing about how video’s were becoming the rage on the internet with Youtube creating huge stars and their brands.

But after talking to a local businessman who had a national footprint for his business, I became convinced.

He had several dozen regular, lengthy video’s on Youtube and linked to his website. He tried doing a cartoon video (his marketing person said it took several months to create the one that tested well). He then tested it on Google adwords and other platforms, and he discovered that it pulled much better than many other videos did.


In fact–clients love how it can make them memorable and be seen very quickly via social media platforms in the news feeds.

One of On Demand Advertising Solutions favorite creations we produced for our business is below and tested better than a plain, static picture ad on Facebook and Twitter.

This cartoon video promoted the fact that we create them for our clients. Notice how quickly it grabs your attention, focuses the message to small business owners about their marketing needs,  promotes the capability and follow up call to action. 


A cartoon video is just another tool in the arsenal of online capabilities we provide our clients with in getting measurable results, real fast!

The first step is our  three-point strategy to get customer feedback in creating and implementing our clients messaging.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy the “caught you looking” video below!

From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #8, Advice from a Shark Tank investor worth $150 million!

If you had the opportunity to query a successful entrepreneur worth millions–what would you ask them?


As a little scary and nervous as you might feel, their answers might be worth there weight in gold.

But the below video podcast won’t cost you anything! It summarizes a great article I read recently featuring Shark Tank personality and startup investor, Robert Herjavec.

In it (as you will hear–spoiler alert) he discusses the need for a qualified marketing presence to promote your business while you get back to doing what you do best (his words, not mine) among several other important factors.


It’s another reason why On Demand Advertising Solutions created a three-part strategy to help our clients maximize their marketing (online and offline) investment with someone with years of experience.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Listen to our strictly audio podcasts here!

Enjoy the video podcast!


Top 5 Marketing Tips from a Shark Tank Investor:

Podcast #8

Host: John D. Verlin


Good afternoon…welcome back. John Verlin with you—On Demand Advertising Solutions—our eighth podcast of Digital Marketing Update.

I told you last week I wanted to follow up a little bit on these podcast idea of using them—because you can integrate a lot of information into seven or eight minutes, and transcribe that onto a blog and you have written content that can work really well with the search engine.

I found a really good article last week in Entrepreneur. It was written by Kim Shandrow. She interviewed—and this is great. If you’ve ever wanted to ask a guy worth $150 million questions about your small business—this is probably the guy to ask.

Robert Herjavec—he’s one of the Shark Tank investors that you may recognize. He had an IT security firm that he sold for like $150 million.

He went from like three employees to 220. So the guy knows what he’s talking about. But he’s got in this Entrepreneur article—I thought I’d share this with you…because this information is right on target. And obviously, he knows what he’s talking about.

Five tips on how to market your business. This is the kind of stuff I try to share with clients I have and people I work with as well. Because, the more that I do this with people—I realize that they are kind of…they don’t know.

It’s changing every day. Facebook, Twitter, Google…Youtube—they’re all coming out with updates, new things to do, new ways to use them. So, you’ve got to stay on top of it to be relevant.

But, here’s five tips he talks about on marketing your business. Target your customers, where they hang out on social media.

And there’s a reason he says this. He invested in a fitness product start up—they basically were looking for people who did crossfit, gymnastics, things like that—and so they targeted a community of athletes—where they hung out on Facebook. And they engaged them. Sent information to them…possibly answering questions on a regular basis that engages that community.

I have a client that their board recently wanted results on some of the Twitter and Facebook things we had been doing. We were able to tell them…last month, we had 550 people go to their Twitter page—which tells about their business, it has their phone number and link to their website.

That’s 550 people that we had been engaged with on social media…on their Twitter account that they didn’t have yet. And how important that is. Now you can buy ads…but this is ongoing engagement. Everyday posting targeted content.

Visuals, things like that. This gentleman knows about it because he’s been very successful with it. Another tip he has here that I thought was kind of cool—don’t be afraid to sell online. If you’ve got a product that you want to sell online he says, don’t be afraid to do it—but make it simple.

People put things in their shopping cart and just give up because it’s too bothersome, too cumbersome. A lot of people maybe afraid to buy something online—but more and more people are doing it. We’re all doing it. So if you have that capability—it’s probably well worth offering your product online. In addition to other ways you do, because you can use social media to draw prospects to your online store so to speak to make sales. So that can work very well.

Another thing he talked about and this may sound contrary to podcasting, but use stunning imagery to grab the customers attention. I like using looks—like eyes…or pets…or babies…things like that. Those will grab attention—however you use that. It all goes hand in hand with a podcast, blogging, things like that.

The social media—it goes hand in hand and works together. You’re using the different type of senses…audio, visual, striking imagery…sounds, whatever to drive content. Because you gave customers an option on how they want to respond to what you’re doing.

He also says—market to your customers how they like to be marketed to. It’s really interesting that—you got to realize that there are various search engine firms that recommend white pages…to optimize your website…they could be a thousand to three thousand word articles.

But also realize—you don’t have a lot of time sometimes. I personally prefer the shorter the better—because I know from my radio background—people give you thirty seconds to a minute maybe. You need to get their attention and they move on. Because we get so much information thrown at us. It really can get overwhelming.

And finally—and he also talks about—bides social media updates—maybe they prefer an e-newsletter…or text notifications or an email every month—these are things I talk about with my clients also, to kind of mix and match various ways to engage the website and perception of the brand. And just staying in touch with people. Because you’ll gradually build those prospects and customers—and it’s critical to stay in touch with them. And this is a perfect way to do it.

Finally, he says hire a marketing agency so that you can do more of what you love. Now, obviously I’m partial to that—and clients I work with—they kind of come to that conclusion when we get engaged in the first complimentary meeting.

When they find out how much we have to do—they kind of realize how overwhelming…but he basically says–”outsourcing your marketing dedicated to taking your brand awareness to the next level, frees you up to get back to business. And if you don’t have a marketing budget to hire a firm, partner with someone you trust who has successfully marketed their own business.”

Whatever you do he says—don’t take the whole thing on yourself because you don’t have the experience to back it up—you just may be wasting your time. So either hire someone or if you know a business owner that’s been successful—if they’re willing to share their techniques…their secrets with you…great!

That’s hard to get though! I know. I’ve had clients that made me swear—don’t tell anybody what I’m doing! It’s hard to do that when you’ve made the investment to share that secret—but if you know somebody that’s been successful a lot of times you can use that knowledge if they’re willing to share that with you to use it for your own small business.

John Verlin here—wrapping this podcast #8 up—you can contact me with questions or comments, or visit my website:

That’s it for today—we’ll be back next week with a podcast—have a wonderful day!

From the Blog: Need to increase your business professional image?

Many small businesses today begin on a shoestring and struggle to grow and maintain professional environments, work behaviors and online/offline image.

In many cases, seeking marketing firms or business consultants to assist their growth and image can be quite cost-prohibitive.


Case in point–an online hand-crafted jewelry micro business was struggling to make sales–in spite of the fact that the owner attended various seasonal trade shows in her market and promoted that she was trained by a New York creative school.

When I asked about her website–which had SALE at the top, and seemed to be “cheaply” designed (my first impression), I was told she paid $8000 for the site to be constructed.

I felt bad for her–but my ONLY IMPRESSION of her professional image was her website. And I wasn’t impressed.

No matter how good her jewelry was and what credentials she had–professional impressions are made today via websites and online content.


It’s no secret that these first impressions are crucial to the success of any small business. Many business owners work hard developing them–but for some, it can be very expensive.

This is one reason we formed On Demand Advertising Solutions, to offer professional image, marketing, advertising and content solutions without paying MBA pricing!

We developed a three-part strategy to focus on in producing professional messaging and implementation. And it’s all at affordable pricing for small businesses (I know–I used to sell radio advertising)!

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy the cartoon below!


From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #7, Turning an angry prospect into a happy client!

Too many times in business, when we don’t have enough information our emotions can lash out at the most convenient target!

Be it partner, employee or business consultant!


It’s this lack of information that causes many small business owners to feel stymied in moving forward with their plans.

This is one reason On Demand Advertising Solutions created our three-point strategy to get accurate information upfront from our client’s customers to better design effective messaging before we implement them.

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Listen to our strictly audio podcasts, here.

Enjoy the video podcast below!


Angry Prospect Turns into Happy Client:

Podcast #7

Host: John D. Verlin


I must have hit a nerve last week on the last podcast, about customer feedback. I’ve had like a 2000 percent increase in podcast listenership!

Greetings, welcome back. John Verlin with you On Demand Advertising Solutions, Digital Marketing Update. This is our 7th podcast.

Another reason why I love podcasts is that you have another platform that you can help leverage, market your services on and you get analytical and measurable results on.

Really wonderful to be able to do that—compared to thirty years ago when you didn’t have this capability.

I wanted to share a little story with you…is basically about a gentleman I met. I’m going to call him Bob. He has an equipment rental—well, let’s just say he has a small business. I met him through a woman at a chamber coffee—who I gave my business card to.

She somehow referred me—and he called me, and said he wanted to meet with me—to talk about how I might be able to help his small business.

I said sure…and we met. As he began to talk to me a little bit about it—we talked about what he had done…

He had a website. We went to it. It was not bad. He’d been in business ten years. But he couldn’t figure out why suddenly his print advertising wasn’t working like it used to. Of course, a lot of it now is online. I guess he was buying the print newspaper and they would match or coop that in the digital version.

So, as we talked about this—I asked to see his website. We went through it. I said, have you ever considered using a blog? He said, no—I don’t write much and I don’t really want to waste my time on that.

I said ok….have you ever done any social media? He really hadn’t to speak of. He didn’t have a Facebook business page, a Twitter account or a Linkedin account. It kind of reminded me of a chamber of commerce event I was at, several months ago, where a woman who did social media was speaking.

She did a little survey and asked everyone in the room—how many of you small business owners, have a website? Every hand went up. How many of you have a social media presence? Every hand went down.

And Bob reminded me of that typical profile of a small business owner. As we were talking—I said, OK, Bob, you haven’t put together a blog…you do no social media—or have a presence…you’ve just done print—and have done a little direct mail—which is difficult now a days since the post office almost went under. Their deliveries are down I guess.

As we were talking, he just seemed….you know John, I appreciate your time—but I really don’t see how you can help me.

I said—let me ask you something Bob. Have you seen my website? He said no. I said, so why did you call me?

The lady I talked to that gave me your card recommended you. She said you seemed very knowledgeable , etc.

So we went to my website. And I showed it to him. I said I want you to see this animated video that I’m doing for my business.

And he said…oh, OK. And I want you to see where I’m placing that on a blog I have. Oh, yea…OK, yea.

And I want you to see a podcast—and listen to this. And he listed to it—and yea…OK. But I don’t see how that can help me. I said, I want to show you something Bob. And we talked about a newsletter…we talked about surveying his customers. We talked about emails. And he was kind of clueless about a lot of this.

He didn’t really see why you do it, until I showed him how I’ve done it. And then, I showed him the podcast numbers. I showed him the spike in listenership. And then we went to my Twitter account. And then I showed him how I had been making Twitter posts for small business content—things like that.

Just retweeting them or occasional updates that I have done. Then I showed him the analytics from last month—I had over 500 profile visits to my Twitter account. And I showed it to him. I said, look at my Twitter profile. You see my company name, you see what I do…you see the link to my website.

He goes, wow…500 profile visits to your Twitter page? I said right. And the month before that, was 600. He said, really? I said, yea.

I said…well what do you think? He said…well, I’m impressed. He said, I didn’t know you could do that. I didn’t know much about that. I didn’t know about your podcasting…that’s kind of cool.

I said, guess what Bob? My website is not even posted yet. My Facebook business page isn’t posted yet. What you see is what I’ve been doing at random over the last month or two.

I haven’t really promoted myself much. I haven’t led anyone to a website to see what I do and this other content. He said, really?

He said, well—could you do something like that for me?

I said, Bob—what you have seen me do for me—I can replicate for you. He said, really? So what do you charge for this?

I said well here’s my rate card. I pulled out a sheet and showed him my rates. Social media…postings every week, per podcast production….per animated video…newsletter…survey…just broken down. And he kind of sat there with his mouth open.

He said…wow—you’re pretty expensive! I said Bob—I want you to take this home. Digest everything we’ve talked about. Make a few calls Call a couple of marketing firms. Let them know what you want to do. Then if you’re interested. Get back with me.

Nothing happened. The next day, about 4pm…I get a call. And it’s Bob. He said…hey John. I wanted to know if we could get together again and talk a little more about this. I might want to hiring you for your services.

I said fine. We met. We went over again what he wanted. He said…I want to do weekly posts on Facebook, Twitter….Linkedin….I want to do a cartoon video each week. I want you to put a blog together…for you to put that on it. He started rattling off things…and I said slow down…I’ve got to write all of this down.

We get done…and he says—I’ve just got one question for you. How can you….why are you—you’re like a third of what another marketing firm charges. How can you do this? You’re so cheap! I said Bob…ok, I’m semi-retired. It’s just me. I don’t have a staff. I don’t have a building. I just have knowledge and experience….and capabilities. That’s really what you’re buying with me. Isn’t it? He said, yeah.

And by the way—I told him. I expect to be paid on the first of each month, direct deposit into my checking account. He said, well—can we start out—maybe for three months. I said sure—we’ll do a three-month deal. I’ll show you the analytics and show you how it’s working for you.

And you know what Bob? What’s cool about this? The problem is—it’s not just that your print isn’t working well. If I go to your website…to research you before I come out to meet with you—if I need to lease equipment or whatever.

Your website is OK….but it doesn’t seem alive. It doesn’t have a presence. It’s an image problem. I don’t feel as good about you because it doesn’t seem complete. He said—yeah…ok. I said that’s what the difference is.

That’s what the blog will help with. Besides the fact we can promote content from it. That will make it appear that you are really knowledgeable and really engaged. Even though you are—because you’ve been in business ten years—if you don’t highlight that and promote it—people won’t know.

He said, well that makes sense. And I said you know the beauty of this is—worst case, you’re going to get more organic traffic from just people checking you out. And the more content we add…the more organic traffic that Google will show up through the search engines…because through that content we’ll be posting on your blog—that will optimize your site with fresh content.

Without having to go through a lot of time and effort. We’ll do this on a simple basis—and build it out and promote it. He said, that sounds great. Let’s do it.

So, he’s now a happy client. And I think that’s kind of a profile of a lot of small business owners .

They don’t have a complete package Because maybe they haven’t been told. Maybe it’s been so costly—they’re just, I can’t do this. And they’re scratching their heads…ok, my media I used before isn’t working as well. There’s more competition in the market. Things have changed. What can I do?

That’s what I’m here for. That’s what I shared with Bob…and I think he began to see the value in all of this because we can link the new digital media with the traditional media. To drive content and drive people to the website. To get them engaged…and get then to feel good perceptually about the business. is my email with questions or comments Website is .

I’m John Verlin. We’ll see you next week—I’m going to delve more into this podcasting thing and how they can really bring up your analytics. Not only on your blog—but wherever you post that podcast—like in my case. Have a great day!

From the Blog: Frustrated with your small business growth? Get engaged!

At some point in every small business growth cycle–or even startup, growth can slow and stagnate.

In many cases, competition, market conditions and the economy can take it’s toll.

In a few cases “successitis” can creep in and give the business owner(s) a false sense of security!

Depending on your stage of development–either as a new small business hoping to get sales or a more established firm–we can only control those factors that are at hand.


At On Demand Advertising Solutions–we have ascertained that many small businesses lack a powerful “engaged marketing platform” of which to do business.

This doesn’t refer necessarily to e-commerce, but to a website platform that demonstrates and promotes their knowledge, expertise and authority to prospects visiting.

It’s the web-based “storefront” prospects usually will discover via supportive efforts, referrals or search engine listings.

But it is crucial in that in forms the initial and on-going “brand perception”.


Thus–we have developed a proven three-point strategy to help small business build out this marketing platform–and also promote it via various targeted channels to get measurable results, real fast!

Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Enjoy the short cartoon video!

From the Blog: Digital Marketing Update Podcast #6, Utilizing customer feedback!


At the heart of every small business is the desire to get “inside” our customer’s heads and learn what motivates them, why they do business with us and how we can continue providing products and services–and experiences they cherish.

This is a key focus for Artificial Intelligence that is being developed by top digital brands.

It’s learning this feedback that On Demand Advertising Solutions created a three-point strategy with Customer Feedback being the first point.

This podcast discusses how to obtain and utilize customer feedback not only for promoting new products and services but in marketing your small business. 


Learn more about how our small business three-point strategy and services can grow your business–by scheduling a FREE CONSULTATION!

Now, enjoy the video podcast!

You can listen to all of our strictly audio podcasts here!


Podcast #6

HOST: John D. Verlin


Well, welcome to Digital Marketing Update—from On Demand Advertising Solutions…John Verlin here.

Today I want to talk about customer feedback…and why this is so important. Not just for knowing your customer, but how to use that feedback to help market your small business to help it grow.

Now, if you were to think about for example—and when you buy something and they have you rate it—one of five stars or whatever, suddenly you see some recommendations show up on your computer or page, based on what your past purchases were.

Or even Netflix—based on previous movies you’ve watched in the past. They show you what you might be interested in.

They’re using data—they’re getting inside your head—based on what your interest levels are on products and experiences. And that’s kind of what I want to talk about—how to do that for small businesses.

They have the big analytics and algorithms all working for them to glean this data from customers—and it’s critical.

This is the golden calf so to speak of any kind of small business—to get to know what’s in your customers head…and that’s true of any business.

I think about Coke, when they changed their original formula after a hundred years–and customers fight back. Sales went down…that’s an extreme example of what can happen if we don’t guess right about what our customers want. But there are other ways to use this data to market your business, which I want to talk about today.

First of all—customer feedback, a number of ways to get it. Let me go through this and then I’ll explain why this is important and how you can use this. A number of ways to collect it—obviously you can—if you have a retail establishment—you can talk to the customer when they come to buy.

Just kind of curious—why did you come in? What do you like about us? Just to purchase this….Are there any other types of products you want to see? Quick little questions on the way out the door. We’re just sampling. And that’s what we’re trying to do is get a sample of your customers to find out some answers.

Maybe you get one big idea—or one main thing that makes a difference. Now, when you do this—whenever you do this—you’re opening the door for criticism. And customers will definitely take advantage of that. They may actually ignore you’re request and just start going in to what they don’t like about something. Well that’s information too. What’s important to them. What they don’t like is as important as what they do like.

You can make corrections along the way to make sure you keep your customers happy. Some different ways to collect this information…not only talk to them directly as they walk in—if you have a database, send out an email requesting quick answers for a few key questions. Or maybe just one main question.

What’s the one thing about our business you want to know most about? Or our product or whatever. You send out 500 of those—you may get 100 back. You may get 50…you may get some smart aleck answers.

But that’s ok—we’re looking for a pattern here of specific answers—what’s important to them, to try to get in their head. That the either like or don’t like as far as a pattern. We want to see that, because we want to answer that for future.

It will also help us get direction for new products or new services we might want to consider offering.

A bank I worked for one time had a lot of people open checking accounts—and said they were glad we did checking—but when were we going to do payroll services? That came up a lot—so guess what—they’d began thinking about offering payroll services

It was all gleaned from people’s feedback—calling in, or in chat or in emails. Customer emails you can send out, you can do a customer survey.

This is what we do for our clients—a lot of customer surveys. We collect those from a database of their customers and data that’s gleaned from that. Specific answers to those questions that eventually may make it onto the fact page of the website.

Here’s facts about us and most asked questions about our business that these answers can be inserted into that page to expand that at a future date.

You can also obviously…any kind of personalization. Maybe a post card like direct mail…or you do a personal email. That’s great too. Survey’s are great. Again, you’re going to get a percent back. Some will answer you seriously, others may not.

And we’re really trying to inquire about their attitudes—anything that’s critical in their experience with you. Their habits past and future.

This is what I try to do with my clients is put together a survey questionaire that are going to measure these things I a round about way so we can glean from this.

Using social media—we call it using social listening. We want to find if anybody is responding. Many small businesses may not have a social media program. Well, this is another good reason why having one can be helpful is because you’ll get feedback from social media. I can’t get into my account.

When are you open? You want to respond to those quickly—you want to respond to any comments. Whether it’s via email, social media or on your website. Chat or calling in…call then quickly.

Because that’s a perception—because they will either see you care or you don’t care. That’s a critical thing. That feedback. How quickly you can get it to them.

Another way to do this….when you set up your website—have a comment form at the bottom of each page. If you have any comments or questions—please enter here. And anything from the website, you can monitor when people go on—anything you can glean from that.

Why is that important? Well, in a nutshell and I’ll continue this in another podcast to go a little deeper..we want to find the most common questions people have about your business.

What’s important to them, then we’re going to use their questions and answer them as content for your blog. And we’re going to do it in podcasting—like I’m doing now. Perhaps cartoon videos or a video. And we’re going to post that content for each of those questions on separate blog posts.

Which we then will be able to promote via our social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, whatever platform that you’re going to use that will hit your target. This is why this is important.

It’s not just getting good feedback for product and service offerings—and helping customers have a better experience with you. It’s to use that as bullet—pain points. To answer to help and market your business.

When people go to your blog and they see five great ways that they can use your service or product—and this is gleaned from your database. Wow—that’s going to get attention and hit the hot button. That’s what this is about. It’s turning that around and using it as content in answering that question or those questions.

You may end up having a blogpost with 50 questions or 100 questions for different times in answering your customer. They’re pain bullets and hot buttons that will gain other people who have the same questions that are visiting your site may find it’s really valuable to them.

That’s customer feedback and why it’s important—experiencing your website, products and services but also utilizing that as content to help promote on the social media and any other medium you might use that is suitable

Next time, we’re going to talk more about this and other ways we can help promote this and why this content is so important. Email me at or visit my website:

We’ll see you next time!

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